Friday, June 12, 2009

A threat

You "think" your being "very clever" and very BIG printing our pms "on here" but you will be "punished by a jury" in a "court of law" and then you will be "very sorry" but it will be too late to APOLOGISE for your "criminal behaviour" because the POLICE wont listen to you because you will be answering "CRIMINAL CHARGES". We are doing "very important detective work" on the 3as to "solve this case" we read "rogotory letters" and we collect EVIDENCE which will put the criminals "behind bars" and when weve finished doing that we will "punish" YOU for printing our pms in public. I gave you a warning "in PUBLIC" on this forum at (redacted) but you didn't "listen to me" so its TOO LATE to start crying now. This is ENGLAND and you must "obey the law" at "ALL TIMES OR ELSE".


Firstly I don't think that this is happygirl24.
Even happygirl doesn't use that many quotation marks.
The redacted link was to a forum that claimed to be hosting the database last seen on spawn with the intent of collecting IPs.
Secondly, we are not publishing anything that is not the truth.
Thirdly, ask yourself why the server was left exposed.
Still no answer forthcoming from the admin on the 3As.
And most importantly I would not be so cavalier about threats against us since the 3As is now demonstrably guilty of incitement to violence, libel, interfering with a criminal investigation, passing on priviledged information(names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses and the above mentioned "rogotory" (sic) letters), threats and harassment amongst other things.

And lastly, any further threats will be ignored.


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