Sunday, February 28, 2010

Temper Temper

"FFS I don't care anymore I have not told anyone to hound [redacted] over this, I don't care if it is true or not, I am just fúckíng sick of being dragged into things which I am not party to and those that know the truth fail to speak out. Sorry but this has now gone beyond a joke, I am not responsible for what others do, I do not hold guns to peoples head and tell them to do this or else. He made [redacted]'s life hell, [redacted] was being blamed for being someone on a forum when he was not, [redacted] and I could not allow that, [redacted] was sassy on his crappy forum and we could not allow [redacted] to take the blame. Do I regret putting him right, yes and no. Yes in the way it was done but no for putting him straight. Perhaps it would have been best just to come out and admit on 3a's (sic) that [redacted] can't be sassy because [redacted] is and end it there, hindsight is a wonderful thing. But we wanted to still try and keep sassy in the forum to find out what was being said and what attacks were being said.

There is a whole lot of truth that none of you know and truth that will never be spoken, no matter how much it needs to be told, but I know for a fact it is because of the truth that [redacted], [redacted] and myself are so viciously attacked. Well it is getting to the point where I don't care if I have one friend or not in this whole mess I will end up speaking it. [redacted] is a stirrer along with the rest of them.

I have never given anybodies (sic) details out to anybody, no matter what is being said. But a lot of things have dawned on me today and I can see things a whole lot clearly. And I am washing my hands of the whole bloody lot of it. Just because I spoke out about those names being put out, it seems I am being slayed for that. As I said these people know the truth, they were all there and they just find it so easy to blame those that were not even party to it and only heard it second hand, just shows what guts they really do have."

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ratting On Each Other

"Is this [redacted]'s office address? How did they get that?"


"The only person who knows that is [redacted, cough] as he sent the booklets office is not in any way connected to my name so you wont (sic) find the company online unless you know the name of it....try googling my name and if you find a connection to my office then I'll eat my hat!"

Someone else was outed too, country roads, nudge nudge wink wink.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Concerning Moles

"I've tried to look at IP's (sic) here to see if people coming from another forum are known and I cannot see I am sure on other forums it cannot be traced back here but people on blogs must be able to see it....I must ask [redacted] if I can put a link here to her blog, click directly to it and see if she can trace me back to here...."


"To read the contents of threads here, they might need to alter some numerical sequence on the referrer link. For instance, on the link I posted as an example, I've altered from 21 to 22. Those without access, trip on the link ending on "21" but changing to "22", it's like being registered. So, even if they can do it, they will just read one specific page from the thread they got the referrer. However, it would be good to not click on any link posted here, because even if they can't read it back, they will know right away the thread's name."


"Yes thats (sic) exactly what I thought....its (sic) much the same when you click on a cached only see that particular one.

So basically no mole"


"The truth is that if there was anything juicy for them to find and crow about - they would have done so. In reality I suspect that if there is a mole, then that mole is probably bored out of his/her mind by the lack of posts here for them to find fault with."


"Oh there's a mole alright (sic, not our house style) but she cannot give them any details that would make them happy as its (sic) all about their trolling friends

What she's looking for is personal stuff about us and there is none here....thats (sic) what she's been ordered to take back.

If they all thought some of us didnt (sic) know about this well they thought wrong....I let her stay and she knows it...I knew their game but they didnt (sic) know mine.... "

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Stick

It gets to them sometimes.

"[redacted]....we had a whole section about Sky rants if you one complained about that....why because you all knew what the Sky lot were like and you all bitched about them and made fun of them most of the time AND it was all out in the open unlike this one where we can say what we feel and not have our every word challenged!

The thing I'm admin here and we took on all the 3A members I am the one getting the stick for it just like [redacted] took the stick for being admin of the 3A's (sic)....none of the other mods are getting called names day in and day out....I have a right to defend myself just like you all did day and night on the Sky rant threads and on the other private one for detectives!....we had a whole section about Sky rants if you one complained about that....why because you all knew what the Sky lot were like and you all bitched about them and made fun of them most of the time AND it was all out in the open unlike this one where we can say what we feel and not have our every word challenged!

The thing I'm admin here and we took on all the 3A members I am the one getting the stick for it just like [redacted] took the stick for being admin of the 3A's (sic)....none of the other mods are getting called names day in and day out....I have a right to defend myself just like you all did day and night on the Sky rant threads and on the other private one for detectives!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Vill Make A Rule

Power-crazed or what?

"I knew [redacted] would blame someone else. And [redacted] replied to me about one of my posts I made about him, I have told him never to contact me again and that I will be setting up a rule that he will get DO NOT CONTACT ME ANYMORE replies should he try."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Someone is Getting Touchy

...and swings into action.

"[redacted] playing games and posting cryptic messages - nothing new - but his methodology is flawed when he has to be tipped off.

Perhaps we should all do as [redacted] admits he does and simply play forum games.

It isn't what I came to the forums for though. I suspect lots of people have just allowed themselves to be dragged into the nastiness. Well good luck to the lot of them. They are beneath contempt.

Email and chat with who you like [redacted] and play whatever games you like - enjoy it all and talk whatever gibberish you want.

I will restrict my reading now to serious posters who are not deliberately playing sick games on the memory of a small child, whose motives are not self and ego and vindictiveness, who are not hypocritical by nature and whose interest is the actual case.

Once again you have repeated a question which I have already answered. You did that last night as well. To repeat - I don't intend to stoop as low as those who post up private details everywhere.

First time I have blocked a poster on any forum but consider it done as soon as I find the place to do it. I am fed up with your cryptic comments and game playing and inability to read the answers that you are given.

If this post sees me banned from this forum then so be it."

Saturday, February 13, 2010


"This has got way out of hand now, there is no alternative but to shut these forums down and just give up on this case. There is a whole lot of truth out there that people do not know and unless we go down to their level it will never be known.

I can't sit back and watch [redacted] and [redacted] be destroyed like this and neither can I see other mods threatened that their lives will be exposed by associating themselves with me.

I wish [redacted] all the best, and thanks for allowing me to post here. If you could delete my account [redacted] then perhaps they will lay off you a bit."


"This is a very, very sad day. [redacted] has taken a huge amout (sic) of shit for being Admin of 3As (the original) and now Headlines and the New 3As. Despite all of that she has put a phenomenal amount of work into keeping the forums running not to mention dealing with the fall out of the two separate Mod exoduses, and the anxiety and stress surrounding the [redacted] debacle and the later 'open back door' which led to the theft of the database backup files. She didn't deserve a millionth of what was handed out to her. [The opposition] have greater manpower - and the core of them came prepared. They knew the rules of engagement - we didn't. It's very considerate of [redacted] to think of her mods/friends - I very grateful for that (and for lots of other things too).

But - the opposition are not going to give up just because you've gone [redacted]."

She's gone, she's back, she's gone, she's back...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Plug-in

"What feckin part of I could not read your PM's do you not undertand (sic), the PM's (sic)that were shown to me were extracted by [redacted] not myself and I read them in an MSN conversation and not via the forum. Nobody has denied that [redacted] extracted them and [redacted] and I read them, he feckin admitted it himself on the forum when the question was raised and he also posted that I could not do it. But still hare you want to accuse of me of knowing about plug-ins etc, I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT ANY FECKIN PLUG INS.. Get it. So you can take your accusations shove them up your arse and set light to them for all I care Hare, because you are just as bad as twats etc.

And by the way if you realised within 5 minutes that he had installed a plug in why the feck did you not warn me or any of the other mods. You just make me sick.

You saw this happening and never mentioned it to anyone.......thanks a lot hare and by the way whilst we are on the subject, I agreed with you when you were carrying on hell for leather at [redacted], because I thought you were right in what you were saying, he should have taken more responsibility for what he did and for allowing the database to be exposed."


"Don't talk over me [redacted], I am here and answering you. I was told by [redacted] he did this because [redacted] was posting comments accusing admin of things and not spilling the beans about what she was supposed to have known, even though he had asked her outright and so had I on various threads. Was it wrong, yes it was, sorry but I was being lead to believe the forum was being compromised and he saw it as a threat and that was his excuse for doing it.

Personally I would have banned [redacted] for not putting up what she was accusing Admin of and got rid of her as a troublemaker.

But hand on heart [redacted], I did not know about any plug-in and I bet I am the only fecker that never downloaded the database that [redacted] exposed. And I never downloaded the database from the links that was exposed by [redacted]'s working practices. My god don't you think I wish I had, because if I had I would have taken that to another host and got shot of him."

You Cannot Be Serious

Listen up. The Sauce and The Little Birdie are well and currently active.

Get it now? Time to close it. Eddie wins.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Non E Piu (It Is No More)

The mind of a pitchforker at work.

"Please don't take offence [redacted], but this stems from people wanting the likes of the 3a's (sic) forum off the internet. Underhand tactics were being played by people and instead of the usual pro v anti it turned sinister and started to make anti turn on anti and this was being done via lies and deceit.
I know 3a's (sic) is dead and gone but I think we really need to get to the bottom of who was playing all the games because even thought they succeeded with 3a's (sic) it has been a tried and tested measure and it will not be long before they start here. That I am certain of. Already they tried to cause [redacted] problems by faking a PM and making out she was sending it to some mods and not others.

Sorry to say this is just not trolls at work, this is someone who in my opinion is paid to cause all these problems for forums that are discussing the case. Now the only way of really beating them is to expose them and show them up for what they are, deniers of justice."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trouble At T'Mill

"No high horse at all. No lecture at all. Read the post - it was not condescending (as from a high horse) nor was it in any way similar to a lecture.

I was simply expressing bafflement at a totally odd post that looked as if it was really a lost pm back to an individual member, who had earlier communicated by email with you, rather than a constructive post. I was expressing the fact that I was unable to understand the post as it seemed to contain references only one other poster might understand. I was not attempting to be rude to you, just making it clear that I was tired and was unable to understand.

As for influence - yes I was a volunteer mod/co-admin on one previous forum. That doesn't give a person a massive amount of influence, you know. The forum owners/admin have the influence and can instantly rid themselves of any mod or co-admin who they no longer want. It was a very time-consuming task. Ask any mod how much time it took to try to keep that forum afloat, especially when on the one hand there were large numbers of posters who had the direct intention of destroying the place and ON THE OTHER HAND THERE WERE POSTERS WHOSE POSTING STYLE WAS OFTEN GUARANTEED TO INFLAME SITUATIONS (either because they were drunk while posting, because they were unable to control their own emotions, or because they were deliberately confrontational).

I did not pull the plug on 3As. I have explained this, as honestly and clearly as I could before, but will repeat it for the benefit of yourself and others who may not have seen that earlier explanation.

At a time when there were only a very small number of largely inexperienced mods and myself around - the leaflets in Rothley affair blew up. I contacted [redacted] without any success whatsoever. He refused to respond - though I know for certain that he was in contact with a former mod of the forum. I had very good advice at the time (later proven absolutely correct) that the content of a large number of posts to that date were liable to be pounced on by certain lawyers (as [redacted] found to his cost (literally)). The moderation team at that point was unable to undertake the work necessary to check and purge the forum. The other co-admin was on holiday. I felt I had no option at all but to close the forum to public view. I explained at the time on the site and in other places what I had done and that I was trying to contact [redacted]. As for pulling the plug - I had no power whatsoever to do that - I had no access to the server or to the facilities to close the forum.

Your insult that I skulked away is also incorrect. One other factor that contributed to my decision to close the forum to public view was that I was booked to go away on holiday (for a month) just a couple of days after I closed it. At that point the 3As which was owned by [redacted] and had one administrator, again [redacted], would have been without any admin or co-admin for a week as my holidays co-incided (sic) with the other co-admin. It would have resulted in a small group of junior mods being responsible for a very busy forum without sufficient powers to be able to deal with problems at a time when such problems were almost inevitable. Therefore I 'parked' the forum. I repeat I did not 'pull the plug'.

As for 'socks'. At the direct request of [redacted] I created one 'sock' which served a testing purpose for him. I also used 2 other 'socks' at a later date. I am afraid my memory does not stretch back far enough to recall how many posts were made, nor have I any method of now checking the facts but I think it was around a dozen - all made with the sole intention of attempting to ensure the safety of the 3As forum - believe it or not.

I stated I had no intention of raising these issues again in the post I made when temporarily (as I thought) closing the 3As forum. Your ill-informed post gave me no option.

And I am not now skulking away - I am going out to enjoy my Sunday breakfast and lunch with friends.

ps - Yes, maybe this post could be described as being from 'on a high horse' but this one was meant to be."

Friday, February 5, 2010


I'd just like to tell you all that I have found a way of reading the secret part.

Just to show you that this is true, I can say that the last thread is murat-fan-has-my-photos-on-her-blog-t7476-75.htm

Thursday, February 4, 2010


An announcement will be made on here tomorrow at 3pm PST, 11pm GMT.