Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disquiet In The SSS As Reason Starts to Surface To Realise Eddiemod Is Innocent

Marky: this section safe yet?

(Eddie: Depends what you mean by safe.)

Marky: i realised that a little ways back. so if there's a mole in the mods section, it's one of you guys. as for who it is that's passed out info from this section...

personally, i've never been comfortable with those who choose to hide their online status.

Antoinette: so if it's one of the mods that are left why hasn't there been any more leaks from the mods section.

(Eddie: We choose not to play your game.)

The Famous Grouse replies to Antoinette: So we will all think it was Eddie[mod]?

(Eddie: No, we don't want you to think that.)

FSoares: Are you all implying it was any of the other Mods then?

TFG: I am not implying anything, or accusing anyone. I just feel that although Eddie[mod] has left, and there are no more apparent leaks, it doesn't actually prove that it was Eddie[mod]. If I were a mole, and I wanted to deflect the blame onto somebody else, that's how I would have done it.

(Eddie: The first sentence is correct but the second isn't.)

Marky: they say it wasn't eddie[mod] and the mole is still in place. you say no leaks since eddie[mod] went. if the latter then no problem and it's all now just a windup to get the forum to turn on itself. just ignore it

(Eddie: It wasn't eddiemod. How many more times?)

Antoinette: Who is the blame being deflected on???
From what I can see I'm the one being blamed for posting the link. It has been proven that by clicking on these links that you cannot get into the mods section. So that theory didn't work.

Marky: there's someone moling in this section, there's no doubt of that.

(Eddie: OK, Sherlock.)

Angelina: How do you know?

I don't read any other forum (I seem to be banned from them all, don't know why) so I can't read anything.

Are you in the mod section?

Marky: the debate about hbts's avatar which was played out, i believe, in this section, has appeared post for post, on the deseased minds blog. i know. i read it, even got a credit. so was our little err, fun and games last friday afternoon when antoinette set me up to be a stripper; still owe you for that one corky!

(Eddie: for those of you in the SSS but not in the uber secret TLC, ask yourselves why not.)

Monday, March 29, 2010

FSoares: I've been trying to not comment here, but since Sunday night (21st march), nothing else has been leaked from the Mods section ...


David Demands An Apology

"I am absolutely livid and disgusted at the way eddie has been treated. She is not the mole and never was.

I am fuming because Harvesmom has been called a puppet on a string and subsequently me.

I come back after a week's holiday and have seen no indication of any truth whatsoever!

I am not naming anyone but to those who have trashed, manipulated, backstabbed and LIED I demand an apology. I am too bloody angry to post but when I have calmed down I will say my side of the story.

And Bren get off your high horse you are nothing but a liar!!"

How very true, David.

eddie is innocent
Harvesmom is innocent
David is innocent

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little less Kama Sutra, a little more Sun Tzu

"And dont worry....BB1 is full of hot air...if my account could have been hacked they would have done it long ago and taken down this forum"

Strategy, Custer, strategy....

A Serious Matter

Ambersuz wrote:

"eds, if Bren's jealous of this forum why on earth did she give me all the information on the past 3A members to compare to the members here? How do you think I know who the trolls are? It isn't through my instincts!!"

That's right, the admin of one forum took personal details of her members and gave them to the admin of another forum.

I need to add no more.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Case study- 3As hasbeens, googlestalking and YOU

A poster with the nickname Housebythesea took rightful umbrage to an unprompted attack by Laffin Assasin on MM.
Apparently Laffin did not like the poster's avatar.

MM moderator Antoinette decided to apologise.
Now witness how the 3As gang use the flimsiest of excuses to google stalk a poster:


I feel bad for HBTS though. She didn't do anything wrong and is getting dragged into this. I'm going to post an explanation to her on the
thread to explain.

Good idea....Woof!!


Just one thought - I wonder what HBTS actually googled to find that avatar? It certainly was not 'house by the sea'.

Enter Hercule Poirot.


No I have been through 50 pages of google pictures .

Only 50?


And there's a little of arrogance on her last post. I can understand her reasons, but it's up to her to say or to leave. I'm too tired to type today and answer her, but she doesn't need to lecture anyone now.

Add a dash of character assassination.......


maybe downloaded from a camera/phone and uploaded from the pc. wouldn't be unheard of would it?

Sounds reasonable. Back on track......


But that's not how they said they acquired it Marky - they said it was randomly chosen from a google search. on Studies site. Obviously, only mods can vouch for this accuracy of this quote. But, if it's accurate, I would say that HBTS is lying (again) imho.

Oh Dear. Poster says they randomly chose the image from google. 3As hasbeens cannot find said image in google therefore poster is evil.

I don't quite understand...what is the relevance of that picture? Is it someone's house on here?

Good Question.


It seems to be relevant to Laffin, if you read the PM exchange that HBTS forwarded to the mods (posted on Diseased Subjects blog).

"It seems to be relevant to Laffin"
There you have it!


Laffin Assasin made a veiled threat to another person's children on an alleged missing children's forum and was banned by Eddiemod.
Laffin Assasin also threatened another poster(HBTS) because he was suspicious of the poster's avatar.(I'm not kidding, dogs don't lie and that.)

What was the result?
Eddiemod was banned (and just to be crystal clear, Eddiemod has never given information to this blog.)
Laffin Assasin was reinstated on the forum.
HBTS resigned and was subsequently googlestalked by the 3As hasbeens because they could not locate the image in google.

Official Statement

Please note that we would like to make an announcement concerning the fate of the moderator known as eddie and her two friends David and Harvesmom.

We can state categorically that we have never received any information from eddie or her friends.

We have noted how these people have been prejudged without evidence and have subsequently been subject to mobbing and character assassination by the admin, the remainder of the moderators of the forum in question, members of private forums including members of an erstwhile ex (in the "dead parrot" sense) forum.

The vilification and defamation that occurred is totally wrong since eddie has done absolutely nothing in relation to this blog.

Of course, we will not be revealing our true sauce since that would be a breach of confidence.

End of announcement.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Add Another To The List


Edd, I know you didn't like Bren photon & jjp but did you have to go about it in this way to try and get rid of them.

You were a well-trusted person on this forum and you fucked it all up just because you didn't like a few people. As I said before I don't like Bren but I'm not going to go out of my way to get rid of her.

Cannot believe you could misuse the trust everyone had in you on here. I'm sure there is an explanation to this but for the life of me I can't think of 1. One thing though at least it's out in the open now and we can all get back to normal knowing we have no mole about.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Emotional Blackmail

Stick with this one to see the whole story.


Pm's from house by the see

laffin sent these to him

2nd message is one he has sent to Amber also


From Housebythesea To Antoinette, Today at 9:10 am

I am going to forward on to you the messages I have left for Ambersuz, and which she hasn't picked up yet. Hopefully, they will be self-explanatory, especially if you read the two threads concerned.

I only joined here quite recently, and I will not tolerate someone's blatant attempts to bully me or others. I have given Laffin no cause for any complaint, nor have I indicated any sympathy with my McCann brigade - far from it !

If you would like to start by reading those messages, perhaps?

Thank you

Inbox :: Message

From Housebythesea To Antoinette, Today at 9:12 am
As discussed

Dear Ambersuz,

I wish to complain about the above poster, who appears to have decided to single me out for his unwelcome attentions, starting with some very odd private messages, and continuing this evening with a series of allegations, seemingly about my motives for being here. Please look at these two threads

Now, I don't know what his problem is. He seems to be under the impression that anyone who can string a sentence together is some kind of 'mole', which is beyond paranoid, frankly. His behaviour is rude and abusive in the extreme, and if he thinks he's bullying me off the forum he can think again.

I only joined here recently. I've been enjoying posting, and cannot see where I could have possibly given offence. I am very disappointed that Laffin seems to believe it's okay to behave in this fashion, whilst at the same time criticising other forums for the way they treat people.

I am forwarding to you the interchange of private messages between he and I . As you will see, I became alarmed by the tone and asked him to take it up with yourself if he had a problem.

I'd like to know what you intend to do about this, please. I appreciate he has been here a lot longer than me, but that does not give him the right to attempt to bully me off the forum for no other reason than his own groundless paranoia.

Thank you


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Expert opinion.

Bren offers her advice:

I know many people came here from the old 3A's, I am not saying the old 3A's was perfect because it was not, it was a learning curve for many of us. The only forums I took part in before running the old 3a's and the new 3a's was Daily Mirror Hunt for Maddy forum and Bar Arguido (which lasted about 3 weeks). And I know some people do not want to hear about the old 3a's but sometimes things have to be mentioned whether we like it or not.
When the old 3a's went, Amber had been running this forum for months before, and she had no problems at all. But she kindly took in every member that had no home to post on and her and her mods made everyone welcome. Amber and her team have never had to deal with troll invasions, people trying to cause problems, hacking of accounts, cloning of accounts, sustained attacks on a forum, complaints going into hosts etc, like we did on the old 3a's, until she gave everyone a home.
Amber and her team are still on that learning curve and they need everyone to help them.
To Amber and her team, I take my hat off to, because not many people would have taken on what you have taken on. People are out there and want to divide and conquer and they will try everything, even down to try and insinuate that there is "bad blood" between forums. Ignore them, there is no bad blood, there is no animosity, there is no knifes being drawn at dawn, it is all scaremongering and raking up people's paranoia.
There are 3 forums out there in cyberworld, and 3 forums that are united in Justice for Madeleine, and 3 forums that value new members and new ideas and opinions. Please don't listen to the distractor's, the disruptors and ignore them completely, they are out to cause problems between people so that in the end mods and admin feel "bugger this for a game of soldiers" and close their doors.
As I said Amber and her team are still learning, they will come across new problems every day, they will make mistakes, just like everyone else, but once a mistake is made they will rectify. Just give them support and time to sort things out.

eddie the mod on Bren and co

Amber the people on this forum ie bren, jjp etc are arseholes.

Eddie (not me, woof) suggests a new filing system for Bren's opinions

Eddie to David:

David I am not discussing this anymore. I am more annoyed at the fucking hypocrisy of the prats who want their accouts deleted! Let them fuck off then, and Bren can stick her comments up her stupid tight arse.

Amber's donation and eddie doesn't like Bren and Photon

Ambersuz to eddie (Not me ! the other eddie! woof!):

There's no rules but as a mod you should do whats best for the forum.....TB was part of this forum and was taking money from people....I sent him over £500 so I think I have reason to speak out about a fraudster!
If we are comparing now and since you're having a dig at me about TB, what about Kazcut? You went out of your way to be nice to that nasty bitch for over a year on Sky and no one told you not to!
I know you are itching to take out Bren and Photon and a few others....because your instinct tells you you dont like them.....thats not a good enough reason IMO.....sorry!

FSoares has a confession.......

To be honest, I am going to make you a confession here: we read the PMs from the 1st hacked database. You may not know the full story, but NBrado has put the database on the internet for download. Of course downloading it, wasn't enough to crack and start reading because NBrado never expected someone else outside his group could crack it, but, with the help of someone who's also a member on this forum, we were able to read it. After what I read, I can garantee you there's someone almost everybody loves, holding another forum, and if you had the chance to read what we read, you'd be surprised and probably shocked at the arrogance. However, nobody suspects that person can be that arrogant. Bren has never open her mouth about it. As for Bren doubting ashwill, I wouldn't give too much importance to it, believe me. If paranoia is in the air, it can happen. We all doubt some posters sometimes, to later find out they are genuine. It has happened to me as well.

Hoiler Than Thou

We seem to have been receiving visits from this address:


Moderators lounge?

Bren's holier than thou post?

All is not happy in the mod asylum.

Too many....conflicts of interest.

Stay tuned.

There appears to be a traitor in their midst.......

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Cryptic One

Speak up, man, say what you mean.

"The spies are in here, as I thought they might be."

"Now I know, who twitches my radar ?

Who twitches yours ?"

"Deep-embedded, and trying to be 'holier' than thou !!

It's the same stunt's [sic] that were 'pulled' at 3 A's [sic] in it's [sic] latter days.

So that points towards 'certain' folks.

the 'target' gets smaller by the day."


"Do tell then [redacted], dont [sic] keep us in suspense."


"It's hard to explain, fully.

But look at who was attempting to cause chaos tonight at around 6;30 till seven 7;30, then go and have a looks [sic] around some of the anti blogs.

That attempt at the '[redacted]' stunt was started elsewhere, but it's been deleted now.

[redacted]'s blog was interesting at around 6:38. then following the trail and seeing who did what was quite illuminating.

It's the same old tried and tested methods, it's time they thought up a new Modus operandi.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, is an old political saying, I believe."


"More riddles."


"[redacted] can you tell me whats [sic] on your mind please?"


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Private Forums

OK, the SSS is pretty dead now after leaking like a sieve.

A number of respected members have been disenfranchised as they have set up a new forum for the real trusties.

It's called TLC.

The Sauce and Little Birdie are still active moling away.

TLC? Tender Loving Care? No, the more prosaic The Leisure Centre.