Friday, June 19, 2009

Bren, Nige, Bennett, Levy and Amaral - cosy, cosy, cosy, cosy

Bren to Redsquare

Hi Nigel.

First to wish you and yours a Happy New Year. Hope you are keeping well. I sent an email to you and Tony Bennett yesterday about this supposed meeting.

I don't know if you have skype or MSN but perhaps we could have a chat if you do about this meeting.

My skype sign in details are Bren-bjr
My MSN are (is - woof!) (redacted)

What I was thinking it might be a good idea if we can also get Duarte Levy involved. I know that he has spoken to Goncalo and would help us in the language barrier and also I thought Goncalo might feel at ease with someone there is knows personally.

Just a thought Nigel. Let me know what you think about things.

Take care


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