Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marky Is A Mod But...

Antoinette wrote:

"Something is not right with him. I can't put my finger on it but he's the 1st person on here that I don't trust. Yes his jokes are sometimes funny but the rest of his comments seem to be negative against this forum. He left this one in SSS this morning."

Re: Can we try something on here with blog owners please?
Marky Today at 7:41 am

i realised that a little ways back. so if there's a mole in the mods section, it's one of you guys. as for who it is that's passed out info from this section...

personally, i've never been comfortable with those who choose to hide their online status.

FSoares replied:

"I read that comment and I was about to answer him, but then decided not to, because I don't want to start any conflict with a member. It's a very unfortunate comment by Mark. There are still some members who did not understand what happened yet, or pretend they don't.
Even today I read ChaosRaptors and how I wish I could know who are the members here who posted there anonymously who still say Eddie wasn't the mole, etc. It's rather annoying."

Eddie says: Something is not right with Marky but now they have made him a moderator

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pull The Other One

Panda wrote: Actually [redacted], this was the way Beattie got hacked. A post with his/her name on the thread was altered and appeared on BonnyBraes as a disgusting post supposedly written by Beattie. Another poster spotted it and told one of the Moderators that Beattie would never write anything like that but He/ She was banned anyway.

Get a grip, woman, Panda and Beattie are the same person.