Friday, June 12, 2009

Redacted to protect the innocent from the happy couple


You seem like a sensible mod... Laffin Assassin was always guilty of opening pointless threads and clogging up the front page with things that people barely responded to. Now he has the DVD he is going to be unstoppable. He already has 4 threads going...I know its not a newsworthy day but if it was threads would be pushed down with the likes of his "Angela Morado" thread. So McCann called a UK official on his mobile. So what? I think that something should be done to organize this poster or he will innondate the board with crap.

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  1. I think I recognize that as one of mine. It was to JJP if I remember... They did give LA his own dedicated thread as a result but guess what? Thats right... he posted on it a couple of times and then carried on spamming the board regardless with complete impunity.

    Just why is this poster so protected by the admin on this board? (got to take the heat off Laffin. Prevent posters making posts about him if they are perceived as a threat etc) If we knew the answer to that I think a lot of things would make sense about the car wreck that is the 3as.