Monday, June 22, 2009

What the comb really thinks Part 1.

Hallo Jeanne d'Arc,

There was another similar Murat thread a few weeks back and early on after it started, I gave several reasons for thinking, just like you do, that Robert Murat was involved. I won't repeat them here or on the forum.

I went to hear Robert Murat in person in Cambridge, even got one or two photos. He said nothing about what really happened. He took trouble however in his short talk to emphasise that Madeleine was abducted. And he collected his £600,000.

One thing I have never understood at all is why some of the 'Tapas' and Mitchell...

...identified Murat
...compared him to ian Huntley
...told the journalist Lori campbell that he was a 'wrong 'un' etc.


Also why exactly was he so handy on the scene as a translator that very night?

And why did he apparently rush over to Portugal on 1 May?

If they were all involved in something illegal and very evil, why point the finger at Murat?

What could the McCanns, the 'Tapas 7' and Mitchell have to gain by putting Murat in the spotlight?

Yes, for me, most definitely Murat was involved.

I wondered if this actually went further.

I tend to believe that Madeleine died either on 1 May or 2 May.

Is it possible that Madeleine died at Murat's hand in some way? - but in circumstances which, if revealed, woud also highlight the culpability of the McCanns?

Thinking aloud...

[By the way, a few weeks after he was made arguido, he did say I think on the record that he wished he'd never met the McCanns. Or something like that]"

Hmmm.....don't remember reading that in 6000000 reasons


  1. Did I miss that reason? I was sure I read all 60.

  2. Bugger i missed that. Quick someone tell Tone The Comb that there is a chance of a new leaflet.

  3. I don't want to spoil the party, but you know, anybody could have written that pm.

    Is there any proof that this was written by Tony Bennett.

    Did you receive any reaction from Bennett?