Monday, June 15, 2009

Yeah well I don't like you either and I've found a better club and it's way nicer but I am still going to bloviate you til the end of time

Subject: All The Recent Events Have Saddened Me

quote=beachy "I was unfairly attacked in the Lounge on Friday night (had very little to do with the major issues facing the forum at the time). I created my own thread and said my piece, when I PMed a mod the offensive threads were removed, and after I sent out some PMs, most of the people involved in slagging me off got in touch and graciously apologised, which I thought showed considerable class, and which I gratefully accepted.

Nevertheless, I find that I no longer feel the same way I used to feel about 3A. This has happened to me before, and I brushed it off, but life is too short to keep dealing with cr*p if one does not have to do it.

I may go ballistic and get myself banned some day, but I want to be clear: No one will ever run me off 3A. So long as I am still a member in good standing, I will come here and post whenever I feel like it. I am still all about justice for Madeleine McCann; however, this is not the only place where one can work towards that end. Whilst 3A was down I revisited another forum where I had previously registered but not posted and found that I really enjoyed it there, so that is where I will be spending most of my time from now on."

Hi Beachy,

What was all that about? With there being less news around these days, many tempers seem to be running high with the ensuing frustration. But I believe the calm is normal, I'm sure the PJ are still working hard on the case and getting ends tied up. Do you think it will go to court this year, even without a body?



(Scarf, in case she was too busy performing her traditional Welsh casket dance and one woman show, no, it won't be going to court this year. Or any year. Ever. Move along, people, there's really nothing to see there. Woof.)

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