Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Worth their weight in BabelFish

Hi, Jilly,
well... I only suspect her/him (but I think she is female) because of her not accurate translations. And because of how she reacts to a friendly help. This beeing not typical for us Portuguese.
And I have corrected her in the first place because I don't like that she posts something that causes even more confusion than we already have in this sad case...
You are right, Jilly, you can trust 100% all the other PT translators! And even all the other PT posters, because we are honest people

and later...

I don't know if carilina has a secret agenda, maybe she is "only" seeking for fame?!
Anyway: it would be nice if more posters could be informed that we can not trust her translations... and maybe even her postings in general... (consider it done! Woof!)
BTW: I have made a correction of her translation in the thread where you asked her if she does the translations herself. This time it is not something really relevant, but by doing it I could show to the readers on said thread that we better not trust her (translations).

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