Friday, June 19, 2009

When I'm calling yooooooooo-ooooooo-ooooooooo.......

Subject: Pirate bay and nbrado !!

quote=Laffin Assasin Them Pirate bay guys got locked up didn't they, here's nbrado, handing the database out last year. !!"

Hi Laffin

Really, really sorry for all of the flak that you got because I posted on this thread - never dreamt! Christ, they really don't have anything else to do, do they? And that bl00dy ISAR with his supercilious comments - I'd love to throttle him. (you see, gentle reader, it's not just ice water and embalming fluid flows through those veins. Woof!)

And as for these two - visions of cackling witches:

blondie2 wrote:
Bonny wouldn't it be a scream if Laffin and Photon were unveiled as Team McCann!

You could add Bren into that mixture and they would do more damage than Tem McCann would do [if they existed]

bonnybraes wrote:

Honestly, blondie, I have often wondered that about Dr Photon, what with all the mind-juggling, being a Liverpool doctor and all. All the really nasty stuff seemed to start with the Photon takeover; either she is a seriously disturbed individual, or she is doing it all for a very good reason..."

There aren't enough numbers to count up to anymore !

Take care

Van xx

ETA #1 - deleted this from Resignation thread - advised to take to PM if he wishes to discuss (sorry):

quote=Laffin Assasin Circumstances unknown

that's a lie Nit's, unless some of tripz's aliens came and beamed her up, SOMEONE knows what happened. Laffin I blame you pal..your the one who caused this by bringing YOUR personal problems here..I hope you are fkn satisfied..job well done..hey !

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