Sunday, June 14, 2009

"how can we know, for a fact, what is fact ?"

Thanks blacksmith.
I am feeling very discouraged.

I received a horrible PM a few weeks ago, from someone i'd never had any previous interraction or trouble with (MoeSlysack (sp?)) , who told me that i am, quote 'a truly slimey human being' and 'with one brain cell'. I didn't report it or reply to it. I'm obviously not popular in the forum.

I don't really understand 'libel' and please don't try to explain it to me.

I sometimes feel i've become part of an insular world. None of the stickies about statements, dvd, etc. have any verifiable links to the outside world. I'm not suggesting anyone is untrustworthy here, but how can we know, for a fact, what is fact ?

No need to reply, It's a rhetorical question. I'm a naturally 'doubting thomas' !

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