Sunday, June 21, 2009

"What the fuc.k are you going on about now shit.forbrains??"



For some unknown reason the poster that calls himself Marky 1 repeatedly insults me and/or calls me names even though I have him on ignore and he knows it.
My son has just rang me and told me what he has put on the thread I started in The Lounge entitled 'We'll be next'
I think if you read the thread, you'll agree it does not even begin to warrant the insult that Marky 1 has added.
Please remove it and warn this person......I have had at least half a dozen similar instances in the last week alone (so my son tells me, I can't be bothered to read them all).
Thanks for your time.

Thereafter to Admin:

Re.: Harrassment

Many thanks.

Yet, he doesn't seem to need skirts to hide behind...

To Marky1

Re: 60 Reasons Book (merged)

Subject: 60 Reasons Book (merged)


i don't know what made me chuckle more. that there's a poster preaching standards where civility is concerned or that his name is tony_q"

What the fuc.k are you going on about now shit.forbrains??

Tony_Q to NannaDebbie

Absolutely pathetic decision. You have become exactly the same as the press with the McScums!!.....Say what you're told and do not show Americans in a bad light!!......They ARE an awful race of people and their hideous creeping culture will eventually destroy society both there and here...the evidence is all around you.
You have already driven off a lot of valuable members with your ridiculous stance on many matters and I am now joining them.
Good luck with the valuable contributions of a bunch of giggling Yank birds talking complete bollocks and immature imbeciles like Ferretwhatsit and Marky calling people names non-stop.
The forum will be dead inside 3 months.

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