Wednesday, June 17, 2009

'investigations' can turn up 'stuff'


Hi Bren

OK..Will do that but remember, if noone else me...I may be available.

(redacted blather about having to do two jobs, ride public transit, hours of work, sleep habits, time zones... gee, nobody to talk to much?)

I've told you all this not so you know my life story so you understand when I can be available and when I'm 'around' but not able to commit to lengthy modding but can be there if needed.

You do such a great job...I am still in awe of your commitment...Thanks!

Re: IP's...

Much more than ISP addys can be gained from IP addresses...I just feel it could be of importance to 'know' if someone is 'infiltrating' 3A therefore I have been doing a little checking.

Unfortunately IP's are not as helpful as email addys but they can give info..

eg..honestbroker uses AOL..but posted once under another IP from (maybe)*******..'He' uses **********...When I saw the Nigel Nessling using ******** I checked...Dont think its anything but if it dont need the likes of him in 3A PMing other members etc. (Just an example)

Tell me if you don't feel that stuff is important...Its one of those things that you don't really know what you will find till you find it..People have left traces of themselves on the net for years and those kind of 'investigations' can turn up 'stuff'

I'm working on the list in the Mods forum but if there are any others you would like me to pursue, let me know.

As I said...I'm out of the loop in who is who, not being in the same timezone for Mod msn..which is a major stumbling block for me...

Let me know Bren...I want to help as much as I can..

Thanks again for hanging in...Oh..and I should be able to meet up with (redacted)

Liz xx

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  1. 3A was supposedly set up to find justice for Madeleine?

    So what purpose did it serve to be tracking their posters?