Saturday, June 27, 2009

"I do have one talent" -- wrong, you have several you miserable old fattie

chimaera to bren:

You sound really upset, my darling. Try not to let the b*ggers gribd you down!

For me, this forum was the first I had ever joined (I totally discount the MF from which I was banned!), and I joined this for the same reasons you started it; to find the truth and get some form of justice for a delightful little girl who had the most despicable parents.

I have dipped my toe, so to speak, in other forums, but really did not like the raison d'etre - which seemed to be to slag off this forum! In the past, I had many PMs as well as emails inviting me to join this forum and that forum - so many that I have now closed the email account I used to register here (so no point emailing me!!) and I can no longer remember my password anyway!

I have contributed so little to this forum compared to others. I prefer to gather information, analyze it and ONLY when I am 100% certain of my facts - I will post - that's the scientist in me, I'm afraid. But I do have one talent and that is spotting people's writing styles. No matter how well they think they have hidden them, I can spot them.

Maybe I should not have "outed" sabot last night, but truth is that I recognised sabot's style as B******* J****** (wrong. Woof, beeotch! And I know one when I sniff one). fft is someone who was banned from here, but I cannot remember her name on here. She posted under several, one of which was Kay Scarpetta. (Wrong again!)

Anyway, if I spot any other distruptors, do you want me to wade in, or run it past you first? I really would hate adding to your worries.

I love this forum and - quite honestly - we are ALL your guests and it is about time people realized that and behaved as they would if they were a guest in another's home.

On a personal note; I am glad that bloody gran has gone - it put me off posting every time I came on and there were endless sodding messages at the top of the board. But then, maybe I am just a cantankerous, grumpy old woman! (DING! DING! DING!)


You have heaps of talent, old girl. You're treacherous. You're a suck up. You're a back stabber. You're a semi stalker. That is more than evident. And remember, dogs don't lie! Woof!


  1. Chimaera you are one nasty bitch. Gran is worth 100 of you.

  2. Chimaera

    You were the first to let me know that Bren had stolen my ID in a pm to you, You told me that I had to take responsibility for my pms.

    Sorry I couldn't . Bren was abusing my account when it suited her.

  3. is Blondie still droning on about her account being used??