Thursday, April 29, 2010

Read what our good friend, Larry the Lemur says.
Like Eddie, Norman always tells the truth.
Monty the mole is still burrowing away and will have news for us soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

SSS: Government Involvement :)))

carly: i have never understand in the last 2 anda half years we pro maddie have been harrased slandered out and yet we are supposed to take it and not fight back why are those people and the uk goverment so behind gerry and kate???no offence to little maddie but what makes her any diffremt from other mising kids? that dont even get a mention in the media

Angelina: I'm not convinced there is Gvt involvement. If there is then I feel it could be because GB got involved right at the start in an effort to impress the public (thinking in his usual manner that he would save the day and get her found), then it went tits up and he has now tried to play everything down so he won't look stupid. Anything more complicated than that I'm not sure about.

If I'm wrong and there is more to the Gvt involvement, then I have no idea what is being covered up.

As for ordinary pros, I'm sure they do honestly believe the McCanns are innocent and feel sorry for them.

Plus it's a sort of mob mentality and brain-washing (not organised but just by being part of it if you see what I mean). They've got carried away and it's brought out the worst in them (anti's can be just as bad at times).

I think a lot of them have got together (I know for sure there was a big meeting in Wales some months back) and now they've formed a sort of club, but sadly the real little girl in the midde of it all has long been forgotten.

I've noticed on Sky there is a sort of formation that rolls into action at times...the lower ranks come out to fight, then the next level and finally the big's all rehearsed and organised. The same stock answers come out time and time a mantra almost.

Eddie says: OK, this is a new game. If anyone alludes in any way to potential involvement of government, you all shout in unison "GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT!" Got it. :)))


Allstar: To me it seems like the govt want to keep alot quiet as half whats in the files havent been released to the pubic via the media. If someone can come up with an explanation for that then I'll believe the govt arent protecting the Mccanns.


Woodward: morning all-The REASON WHY THE "pros" are so vicious could simply be because they can be-none of us has carter -ruck on a retainer,none of us are able to pick the ,phone up and instruct a tabloid journalist to have a go at someone-they are vituperous ,slanderous and vile because there are no consequences . We on the other hand are ,quite rightly imo, restricted and restrained by the law-gratuitous insults have no place in our arguments our opinions have to be carefully shrouded in disclaimers and tempered by fairness backed up-most importantly by reason-it all makes for a slower more restrained discussion which means the pros can jump in with irrelevances and half truths which then literally make any casual reader lose the thread-that is the intent and it works-the best reference for people iinterested in the case is ,imo, the mccannfiles, I would always recommend it to those who want to learn more of the ever changing story and its chronology

julygilr3120: We will never give up discussing this case, despite attempts to stop us. We will regroup, much to the chagrin of the ex-mods forum, and the press whom they profess to have been in contact with. And the government doesn't scare me either. The present shower are on the way out anyhow. The unelected PM with a name the colour of sh*t is in the last chance saloon.


Patty O'Daws: I could understand the McCanns paying people, but the government? I know Clarrie said it was the function of MMU to control what came out in the media...but to pay people to troll forums?

Would the government really do that?


Stimulator: You are waking up! Yes the government Mi5, and the 'doughnut' brigade (GCHQ) are/have been infiltrating forums and 'subversive' groups online for years! to the 'paranoid shift'....


fred: I'd say pretty close. I don't think Amaral will leave this case alone, even if it takes him years to get the truth out, he is being hindered at every occasion, not just from the parents but, the governemnt and British authorities.


Heartsease: Away with all accusations etc and concentrate on ways we can get the investigation opened. Surely that is what everyone wants after all?
I just want to see justice done in this case. I want the government to put a little girl first and start asking relevant questions.
Whatever happened in PDL needs to be uncovered and the truth told.
To the world you may be just one person,
but to one life you may be the world.


More Economy With The Truth

carly in an open letter: hi i dont mean this to cause trouble i like this forum lots and ikm not angry at anyone BUT i dont like being lied too i now know why i cant see the private forum because some of you think im sharing log ins etc let me make it clear now in no way do i share my log ins with anyone nor do i allow others to tell me to do anything im only here for maddie and the mssing other children as i said i like this forum but it is not right to lie about the reasons why forums that you were allowed in for months and months you are suddenly not allowed and of all places to read about it at the twats etc is not right IMO im just a forumer wanting the justice for maddie she deserves and that is all i have no problems with anyone on this forum but IMO the truth is better then being lied too most people have known me on forums for 3 years and know im not like this i guess it hurt me that people would be talking behind my back and saying these things about me its like primary school again when kids used to do it to me im sorry but i had to say something unlike what some other think im not stupid and i dont like being treated like it i dont want to argue im not like that

Antoinette replied: Carly no one suspects you of anything. The SSS was closed down to all members except mods as we don't want anything more being printed about any of you or the comments you all have made in those sections.

Eddie says: No that reply is totally untrue. The had a secret section, SSSection, which was infiltrated on several fronts. So they decided to set up a new secret section, The Leisure Centre, deleting all those SSS members they did not trust. Later on, both sections were still infiltrated and they decided to close the SSS to all members except mods. When TLC opened, we had this

Ambersuz: I hate making rules amongst friends but for the sake of our privacy we need to have just a few in place, so here goes:

1. NO links to other forums in this section unless you add some xxxx's within the link so no one can directly click onto it.

2. This forum should not be mentioned outside of this section whatsoever.

Then we have this today:

Antoinette: there was no process of elimination. All members were locked out at the same time. If we were trying to eliminate anyone we would have taken them out one by one not altogether.

Eddie says: Not true, is it? When in a hole, stop digging. Oops, here comes trouble...

Ambersuz: Carly I dont mean to be mean girly but you are getting very paranoid lately and after all the time I spent explaining this via pm's why are you now making this public?

I'll say it again to you here.....

If you keep taking those blogs and forums personal then you have 2 options.....either DONT read them or read them and be upset by have been saying for the last year here that they are liars and here you are believing them?

May I remind everyone that the usergroups are for people I invite in for whatever reasons I choose to create them....if you are in or out then I have my reasons for adding or removing members and those reasons I do NOT have to discuss with every single member of this forum before I make those decisions so if you dont like the forum or the way I run it then feel free to create your own....Simple isnt it?

I cant keep everyone here happy and to be honest I'm past caring as this forum is not providing a service to anyone! This was a friendly forum where everyone was happy to come here and now all I get is bitching or trolls here trying to take the forum down and pretending we have viruses here!

Now I'm not getting paranoid and I would think after all the hard work the mods and myself have put into this forum I would be the first one worried....but I'm not because I wont let the idiots like Majic and his bitch witches get me down like they seem to get you down!

Eddie says: Any reasonable person can see what the truth is here.

Sherlock, They Don't Know Jack Schitt 2

Ambersuz: I've started a new section and intend on leaving quite a few out of it until I see who it is so for now try and avoid the SSS and discuss only on the new section (TLC) or Portugal or here..

OK can anyone see it yet?

Harvesmom: I can

eddiemod; Me too

Ambersuz: ok cool so only the mods are in !!

who else?

...I mean 100% all agreed we want them there!

So if at least 2 of us doesnt trust (for instance)...Carly then Carly is out. But it has to be 2 mods who agree.....fair?

Harvesmom: Yes thats fair Amber. The only thing is you've mentioned on the SSS that you are setting up a new section , those that arent invited are going to be moaning like drains about it. Maybe you should say you've changed your mind and you dont care if they can read or something?

Ambersuz: Oh dont worry about that....when people pm me asking where it is...I'll say I bluffed to get the trolls wondering where it is....

[General chit chat...]

eddie mods pulls them into line: We are chatting on Amber's serious thread.

There is a chat thread on the new section

FSoares on "twats": What a bunch of idiots they are, looking like those bully kids at school! Sometimes I think if I had the misfortune to be one of their mothers, I would spank them till they would go to hospital, completely black from the bruises! Gosh, they're so irritating.

Ambersuz: I'm thinking of bringing threads over to the new section so they are stuck with just the ones about the twats....

OUCH just thought..............the Miss World one is there! I dont want them to ever find that...but I think its a bit late. [No schitt, we don't do personal stuff.]

David: Also is TLC a hidden group? [sort of hidden. :) ]

Ambersuz: Yes it is....all the groups are [sort of :) ]

David: Eddie has been very quiet on his/her blog. Who is Eddie? I confuse all their names [Eddie's just this guy, you know.]

Ambersuz: I think Eddie is CrazyTony on Twats....but dont quote me

He's gone quiet cause he's not in the SSS

[Come off it.]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sherlock, They Don't Know Jack Schitt

In days of old before the eddiemodgate scandal.

Harvemom: We do have a mole who can see the SSS. Or someone has been careless following links, but I dont think there has been any links for a while.

They've copied Lauras comment on this thread in the SSS onto that daft blog something to do with diseased minds:

FSoares: I'm with Harversmom. There's a mole or someone inside is pretending. Now there's no doubt.

Harvesmom: Well i've just been through everyone who's logged on since 2pm, and compared the list to who is in the SSS. But of course it doesnt tell you the members that come in as hidden.

FSoares: That's exactly the problem. I need to go to bed, because tomorrow I have to start at 9am, but during the day, if I don't have to go out, I'll keep an eye as well, though I can't be paying too much attention. It'll be just a small control.

Harvesmom: Well i've added all the people who've been in as hidden in the last 24 hours, and to be honest 90 percent of the members of the SSS have been logged on so it hasnt helped much....

David: I am with you both on this. I think someone has been careless clicking links. BUT because the internet is a logical world we need to cover all aspects i.e. eliminate the possibility of a double agent working for the TWATS as FSoares mentioned on SSS...

I still dont believe there is a mole but still....the only way to stop anyone seeing this section is to take it all down.

Ambersuz: I personally dont care what they see so I'll leave it up to all of you to make the decision if it should stay or go

eddiemod: You can see who's hidden - they are in italics [No schitt.]

FSoares: In my opinion, if the section is kept, everybody needs to remember there's someone from the twats (or linked to them) who is registered on this forum, with access to the SSS. What saddens me is knowing we can't talk openly or post something there more sensitive, because they will get access to it. I personally think there's no point in having the section, if there's no privacy. I know many of you generally say "I don't care if they read". Well, I also don't care if they read, IF what I post are merely my opinions. However, sometimes we have things we could say, but we don't because we know they are reading it and that info cannot reach their hands.
It's quite obvious there's a fake identity on the SSS, probably a cloned account, or a double agent. In the present situation the SSS's existence is a pure falacy.

Ambersuz: OK here's what we should do.....

If all the mods look at the members in the SSS and make a list here of who should be in a new section....I know its easier moving them to the Portugal section but thats not fair as that section was set up just for the Portuguese posters and as thats 100% safe I dont want to rock the boat there.

I'd rather have just a few people in the new section...maybe 15 or 20 and leave it at that.

Obviously all the mods are who else can be trusted and who are you all comfortable with?

FSoares: I have no idea about carlymichelle, except she is a computer game addict and she posts in all forums related to Australian TV. She's been bad mouthed by the Twats & Co, and according to it, my bet would be on someone else, though. However, Carlymichelle can be used by someone (posing as a friend) to get the contents and info from her.

Claudia79: Well, as I'm a Benfica supporter I've been telling lies to myself for quite some time! [No schitt, Liverpool 4 Benfica 1]

eddiemod: Firstly Amber, please don't think we're all in Paranoid City here....I just have instincts, I watch that person and I just 'feel' that person is odd.

Ok secondly, I understand when you say that so what it doesn't matter if there is a mole - I agree. It's just bloody annoying that's all.

Thirdly, if I were a mole on a forum I would be IT smart (smarter than most too) I would already have 3 or 4 ID's (all very different) in case one of them was found out and I would use different email addys, and IP's etc etc

So in a nutshell I will look at the list and tell you what I think, we'll all compare lists and go from there.

Ambersuz: One thing I'd like to say is I will not add Laffin to the list as he gets drunks and sprouts off nonsense......its not that I dont trust him but I just cant be bothered with his rants and me having to clear up his acusations.

Dont get me wrong......I'm the first one to expose people but only those ones who are attacking the forum and I'll only expose with proof....Nessling i believe was at one stage but Deuce I dont have any evidence of.

Picking on anyone because they are friends of, is not going to be allowed in the future as it adds us to their enemy list.

Photon asked me a few weeks back to let Laffin into the Portuguese section and I said NO way! [No schitt, Sherlock]

Claudia79: Marky just made me raise my eyebrows on the SSS.

eddiemod: I agree about Laffin. [No schitt]

Ok here's the list of SS members I have crossed the ones I don't trust or don't know enough:

Maybe everyone else can do the same?

Alpine Aster
Frankie Stein
Laffin Assasin
mara thon
Reggie Dunlop
The Famous Grouse
the one and only big_l

ps Deborah is crazy that's why she's crossed and I don't particularly care for photon but haven't crossed her. [No schitt]

Eddie says: Next episode tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How They Wanted To Spin It

Ambersuz: I want eddie to make a statement on the main forum saying that she is leaving for personal reasons so we can move on. I dont want for this to be an ongoing fight for her sake so I am giving her the easy way out. This is not going to become a BonnyBraes scenario all over again like it was with the 3A's!

I will leave eddie here until tomorrow and then ban her account. So I hope she makes her excuses on the main forum by then.

eddiemod: I am not LYING and making an announcement that I am leaving - I'll let you decide what you want to say Amber. Why don't you post your 'proof'? Such as it is.

Eddie says: We all now know that eddiemod is innocent but where's the apology. Fair's fair, as they say.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time For An Apology

We are getting a bit of thread drift here.

Ambersuz: Just letting you all know as he [David] is standing by eddie which I knew would happen whatever the weather but we ended on a good note....

I said he wasnt [sic] able to change my mind without proof and that proof is up to eddie to get from her new found friends....

I want the challenge answered....without it there's no apology!

Numbers Guy: I mentioned this to FSoares a while back.

I'm absolutely certain that they keep a 'file' on everyone of us. At JATYK they even mention your faulty computer back in Jan 12th and my help.

eddie was the one who PM'd me about your problem but there was also a few posts about the subject on SSS, so they could have picked it from there.

FSoares: Yes, like I told you I also believe they have a file about each on of us. This sounds pathetic, but they really must have. We can't slip nothing on keyboard, that they pick everything.

As for David, he really is a good boy and must have a long frienship [sic] with Eddie. Instead of trying to get the facts first, he is just defending her, and the best evidence he has, is that she can't screenshot. This is amazing as there's one sticky on how to screenshot, and I also remember we've explained Frangendapenik on the PT section, how to take screeenshots.

FSoares to Claudia79: Now they may threaten to post the pics of your cat!

(No we won't, nice little creature that it is.)

Ambersuz (indelicately): OMG they've hit the jackpot....your pussy and my all they need is someones [sic] ass!

Claudia79: He's a sniffer cat and he's the best at sniffing Whiskas, Friskies, Royal Canin, Sheba, Hills, etc.

Claudi79 (suggestively) : Isn't my pussy beautiful?

Ambersuz: Its [sic] the nicest I've seen hun

Numbers Guy: Bye , don't let the trolls give you nightmares.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Roman Numeral Man Is Watching

Not exactly GCHQ, is it?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Mods on LA

MCXLIII: We should find a way to lock Laffin for the night too.

Amber: Anyways I told him that if he wanted to come back he had to ensure that he was not to post any violent crap and NOT attack the members....I also told him that if he had any suspects to bring it to the mods to deal with. He agreed and I asked him if he thought the mole was eddie and he said he was sure he had made that clear. I told him in future to stop talking in fricking riddles as it would have saved alot of us all this stress.

FSoares: I've locked the "An apology from me" thread, because now it was slipping again to Laffin's threats and the fact he was allowed back. Oops, this is so crazy, that I've locked it, to avoid a snow ball effect. To be honest, I'm starting to get tired of all these members who can't cope with Laffin.

Claudia79: I'm fed up too. Feel like telling them to grow up.


Claudia79: You should be able to ban him at night and unban him in the morning!

MCXLIII: A ON/OFF switch with remote control

Claudia79: How many times can he repeat the same effing thing???

MCXLIII: As many times a he goes to the pub?

Claudia79: We should send him to rehab!

MsTaken: Laffin says the same thing over and over again therefore he isnt the ideal person to be critical of the bloggers but I doubt anyone can change his attitude.

Amber: He is going to get us more reports. I'm going to tell him to shut the fuck up or he's going to be banned!

This is his last warning!

I've sent him a strong warning...this is his last chance.

Claudia79: Is he really like that all the time or only when he drinks?
Does he ever learn?

Amber: I think he's around my age but even so.....I know he says he's looking out for this forum but we can handle it far more diplomatically than he has proved he can....besides all i need now is to waste more time on those pathetic litigations the trolls send the moment they see Laffin getting violent.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

From TLC

Yes, our mole can get that too. :)

Here is an example.


"I've put activation back to admin so they cant [sic] just log in...

The problem when admin activates they arent [sic] getting emails as there seems to be a glitch. Anyways I've banned the ip now as its [sic] using the same one."

More Evidence

We gave you the name. Now we give you the photo.

Friday, April 2, 2010

After Much Deep Thought...

this is our answer.

SSSection Lite

Members of SSSection seem to be slowly disappearing as the search for the mole goes on.

Moley is still there though.

Claudia79 fancies George Clooney. :)

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."