Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Respected Members, technically; Respectable members, not so much. If you're normal.

(to and from redacted because it's the thought that counts)

really there's nothing there I could get offended at, you come across fine. I've 'put my foot in it' a lot, even though I think I'm sensitive I have come out with dreadful things that have reduced friends to tears...

My previous marriage failed, with my ex-husband saying he couldn't stand my not having friends; it wasn't 'normal'. I did have some - well, a few - friends when we met but he made it clear he didn't like them. One of the things that caused us to split up was his refusal to have children... he said I couldn't even look after myself properly. I was literally desparate to have children; scared I might take someone's baby at my worst times. Luckily I met another man who, like me, finds making and keeping friends difficult so that in itself is a kind of kinship plus we're similar on other levels, both artistic, not too confident. His mother gave him up for adoption when he was a baby. I find I usually bond more with people who've had difficulties in life. He is a fantastic Dad, particularly given his hard start in life and he is tireless doing stuff with our kids and definitely still a child at heart. I will try and get my hubby to read your post (he dislikes reading) as I can never explain things clearly to him in a way he responds to as far as AS is concerned. He says everyone has something 'wrong with' them and to just get on with it. I will have to keep introducing little relevant snippets I find out in the hope I can chip away at him. I will order the book you recommend about bullying. (Redacted. After the previous, you don't want to know.) Sorry to ramble on so. I had loads of spam pms today so was really pleased to get yours with all the sound advice.

(People like this are among those presuming to judge others as part of the 3Arguidos pursuit of "justice". Based on what? Their own personal superiority and the frenzied, disproven, discredited ramblings on a hate site?)

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