Thursday, June 25, 2009

"they will implode and turn on each other"

Re: Who wrote this and WHY ? 01 May 2008 13:59:31 (merged)

Between you and I, I have rung a solicitor and he said even solicitors letters will be ignored and the problems you all have is that it crosses into Irish Law and Scottish Law.

To sue them for libel is very very expensive and these types of people will just ignore letters and have no money probably and you could end up with hell of a bill.

He gave me an action plan, told me to close the blog down and put up something that you are getting people to monitor these sites, they will be so busy trying to check ips and best thing he explained is to ignore and starve them to death. The problem we have Laffin they are doing it via USA blogs or sites, which often involves USA laws and they allow more freedom of speech than we do, and we have no control over these and also harassment is only really proven if they send emails etc and things direct to you in email communication or through normal mail. What they are doing is actually libel which he says costs one hell of a load of money to get to court if you can manage it.

So I have put that up, closed the blog so they start wondering if I am doing something. I know Bonnybraes1 all the time I was posting on that blog and you are posting about blondie, she is getting the reaction she wants, it might take some time Laffin but perhaps if we do ignore totally and they will implode and turn on each other. That I am sure of.

Best thing for you is to keep onto the police about the threats than Andy made to you and demand they deal with it. Go through the ranks until you reach the top if you have to and report all those that don't do anything. Because his threats were criminal and not civil.

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