Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If you change your mind, I'm the first in line.....

AB=Tony Bennett

I***, many people have e-mailed, written letters, phoned and god knows whatelse to PCC, Ofcom, MP's, MEP's and anybody else they could think of. Many have written to papers and the British media companies, infact I can remember on the DM when members were e-mailing support to the PJ via the Portuguese Embassy in London and they have sent support and information to the PJ the Brit Police. You name it members have done it.

Now as it has been stated before we are not a political platform for any campaign, we are a platforum for members to discuss the case and then if they wish to follow what others do they do so, on their own free accord. Nobody can have done as much as many of the members of this forum in their fight for justice for Madeleine.

But what does amaze me is your persistence in trying to get everyone on AB's side, you see from the e-mail correspondence he has had with myself and other admin, my opinion of him is not very high and I for one as a member do not support his campaign. You see this is a person that decides what can be discussed about him and when someone speaks negatively about him he posts up on the forum he mods saying how glad he is not a member here and criticising the mods and admin of this forum and how well administered the other forum is and then send e-mails to admin here shouting libel etc. Well I am sorry I don't play AB's games, and my advice is if you are being sent over to drum up support for his campaign you can forget that right here and right now because we are not going to be used as a platform for his campaign. Members know where they can sign the petition and they don't need you forcing their hand and telling them that is could be their fault the McCanns get off.

So this is how it is going to be played, you are a member here and if you wish to remain a member here you will abide by our house rules and not AB's.


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