Monday, June 15, 2009

Just between you and me...

Sally66 writes:

Hi Senti

Somethings being bugging me for a while but didn't really want to voice it, but I've decided to bounce it off you as you're very grounded and will tell me straight if you think I've lost the plot, so here goes

I don't 100% trust Beachy- (Some Respected Members: No! No!)Very knowledgable about forensics and procedure etc and will willingly share this knowledge. Anti McCann but any mention of Government involvement, press gagging etc she is straight on the case arguing against. I find this adamant position a little bit disconcerting

Maybe I'm just questioning peoples motives more as I was very naive about forum life originally as first time I've been involved in a forum with this case and I took people at face value originally.

Btw it finally dawned on me quite a while ago the CW is probably a WUM after I spent months defending him!

Hope all is well with you


(Hint: if it had to dawn on you CW is probably a WUM you should probably not contribute too heavily to this search for justice. Or maybe the PJ is hiring. Woof.)

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