Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doris won't tell you this to your face but...

She's not very happy with some of you cheap flints. Apparently, she thinks you're all talk and no action. Doris, and this wasn't even before your failed coup!

Doris writes:

Fox , how very brave of you to post that ! I expect you will get criticism as did the other person whom I now know was a decent chap who has tried to help , I do agree with you , but it is up to people to make their minds up , it does make me angry sometimes that they do say these things and do nothing ,yes a lot of people travelled at their own expense because they truly want justice and the truth and I am one that will continue to do so , for me it was 4and half hours there and 4 and half hours back and campaigning all day in square after returning home the previous night at 3 am from the Cambridge debate , but I wouldnt have missed either even though (redacted, breathless personal blather) and she made the effort to come also and I really admire her , she had miles to travel too xxxx

BTW, Doris, do you think Bren owns porn sites, like Stevo does?

And Keela left a stain on the rug that's left an unnatural colour. You've got some experience with unnatural colours... any helpful hints? WOOF!


  1. When he says rug, Persimmon, he doesn't mean hair piece. Some people are touchy about their hair. I alert every time I see a comb over. Rather feeble.

  2. i wasnt to sure these pms were new to be honest.
    i thought they were all taken from the old database.
    saying that, doris wasnt even around at the time. so they must be new.
    hell just waiting for some of mine to suface