Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girl fight! Laffin & The Academic... the PJ of stitch ups...

Subject: The fridge. No not that one, another one

(redacted ramblings about a fridge in Portugal) (Does that backwater even have electricity? Woof)

Have you been in touch with Elliot Morley yet ?

No I haven't

Did you not receive my lovingly penned PM over at the MF which detailed my reasons? Namely that you blew my cover by letting on that I was an "online contact" of yours and that whereas I could have given the impression that I am a regular member of the geeky public that occasionally reads hansard and wanted to applaud his question. I no longer in the circumstances felt I could.

I went on to suggest that as an unconnected member of the public I could have added weight to your persistent pestering by saying "yes, yes that strikes a chord with me too" However now he knows that we are connected, he will no doubt tar the both of us with the same loony brush.

Please check your PM's over in the other place, I am sure I said it far more eloquently when I wrote it originally.

Time has moved on, with Clarry back in the news now would be a perfect time for you to strike at Mr Morley

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