Sunday, June 14, 2009

"this place is dirty"

I have learnt some stuff over last few days about certain people attached to this forum, i cannot say too much via pm's as i am sure you know the reason why....i will send you and email when i have the full details of what the score is in this pit.

The stuff that i have learnt has made me ponder as to whether i want to continue posting or having an account with this place. TBH, i think i will be off in the near future....ihave some morality, a shame others here don't...

None of this is directed at you, i want to pm you to let you know that i may be leaving as i have much respect for you as "*****" the person you are. I will email you the full story soon once i have all the details, this place is dirty.

Nope I not going off on a paranoid one, this is for real, and I have never been saner.



  1. Bugsy has a conscience? Well well well!

  2. So Laffin was ''thugman'' and Bugsy now sees the light?

  3. I think Tony is selling the names of the people who sent him money for that booklet he produced.

  4. Why would he do that?
    They're not exactly worth anything really.