Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bugalugs.... "gone to Stevo's new site!!"

hI am really sick of it all! 8 just can't take it anymore. When I am called a liar I just see red!!

I have never gotten over that night [that Murat posted here] and probably never will. I know those that who beleived I was a WUM and were are a lot of surprises for me

Most of them were followers of CW and CW added her voice to those caling for my head.
I have not moved on!!

Re Bugalugs ..a she BTW she has left the forum over the Tony Bennet/ JHL thread and gone to Stevo's new site!!

I think the fact that she was outed as Dumpertruck may have helped.

No doubt she is here in a different guise and will pounce on me again. For somebody who professes to hate me she is obsessed and cannot leave me alone!!



  1. Hi Bugsy

    That was mine!

  2. Oh Bugsy if I may point to your spelling error here ''your killing the 3A's''

    your should be you're as in YOU ARE! Just thought you would like to know seeing you were so good as to point out the spelling error in my PRIVATE email to Thugman which he posted on 3A. D