Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stevo told me...

Humanist writes:

Thanks for the response.
I am totally naive and just tend to absorb what is in front of me.
I will look back on the entire thread and see what I can deduce.

Apart from Caralina and Weisnicht who do I need to watch out for in my naivity.

I wondered if this entire forum was not set up by the Mccanns legal team.
The articulate and astute posters, are pretty well doing every thing they can
to give the defense a solid footing.

I also notice that this forum has only accrued 1460.00 in funding since its inception.
That is not a great amount.
Stevo (whom I do admire and respect who dropped out after the Tony Bennett attack, told me that bjr owns several porn sites.
Not that that necessarily means anything but it does put the dot even if not the question mark.

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