Friday, June 12, 2009

They done wrong. I said I done wrong but I also said lets move on. They never done nothing like that.

Hi Beachy,

That is brilliant news, and I think the McCanns made a fatal flaw going to the USA. Hopefully someone will talk and start to unravel this case. Thanks for all you are doing.

Your were thinking of MCXLIII, I think, you have selected a good bunch of posters to help compile things, another to consider is Albym. He has worked tirelessly on the DVD as well.

Yes I saw what they done (for the last time it's DID! I saw what they did. Jesus, you're no Eliza Doolittle) on muratfan's blog. They have also exposed all the friends of one of the mods including family and members (Their members?! This is a family blog! Any further remarks like that and you will be bannned for the sake of respected posters. Woof. Eddie.)

I was contemplating of doing a post and asking members to start complaining to these sites and try and get them taken off the internet. The are really pushing the libel laws but the trouble is libel in the UK is pretty expensive business and also google owns a lot of the blogs and they don't seem to care what is posted on the blogs.

Well done you are a real star.



  1. Beachy,
    I sure hope it isn't Time Magazine you've done

  2. Hey...when did i post up family photos? Oh well must be true, Brenda says so.

  3. Shouldn't that be Eliza Donelittle, LOL?

    And now a musical interlude ..........

    "I Thrown a Custard in Her Face ... "
    "The Rain in Spain Has Blocked Perrito's Drain ... "
    "There's a Bin on the Street Where You Live ..."

  4. She's got her knickers in a knot about other site's supposed infringement of libel laws---has the daft auld cow stopped and had a look at the page after page after page of libel on her own skanky site? No? Thought not.