Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did I fail to sniff love in the air?

CarmenCurlers to Bren (across the fence, one presumes)

Morning Bren,

Spirit of co-operation and all that....

Good call last night - better to have 'em pissing out of the tent than in - well done!

Not altogether surprised, little birdie tells me that SteveO is acting odd, he put up, and therefore controls, Tony Bennett's site, and apparently Bennett hasn't been able to get any communication out of him for over three weeks now, although SteveO has been posting on 3A's so is around; therefore can't update web site, other than posts. He was greatly in communication with 'doris', Tony's side kick, who believed he was arriving in Europe and she was going off into the Portuguese sunset with him, Gone with the Wind stuff, etc., etc., but he never arrived, and now won't answer e-mails from her or Tony.......

These are mysterious waters, and a little girl lies forgotten by many eh?


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