Monday, September 21, 2009

Worth a revisit

as the tabloids and lawyers hover, we recall our special 200th post:

For Beo, money determines priorities: "Don't expect me to do the same as I do for paying clients that have critical servers managed by me. I know also we should care for members security but its (sic) not a responsability (sic) we should take eavily (sic)." Beo
The Portuguese investigators cleared Robert Murat, but Bren and Bennett have expressed their doubts
If inside info was worth money, Photon’s made Laffin a millionaire.Laffin can’t spell genious (sic)Photon thinks the sexual abuse threads are ‘dangerous.’ But just to the site.
Laffin likes Tony Bennett, but would be happy to know whatever Viv had on him.
Laffin has made specific threats involving Molotov cocktails.
Laffin has made general threats including "I know where some of them live, they'll regret crossing me."
Bren thinks it’s all OK because, after all, people get upset when they’re unfairly accused of shagging goats.
Apparently being unfairly accused of killing your child is something one just sucks up.
Bren’s opinion of Bennett, at some point, was ‘not very high’. Thankfully she is/was bound and determined the forum would not ‘be used as a platform for his campaign.’
Stevo, on an unrelated matter, thinks Bren ‘lost it’Maybe she did. Bren won’t pass on admin info to just anybody, but she’s certainly passed it on to Stevo.
But sometimes she tells him to stop outing members.
Janz says Bren thinks some respected members are ‘mentally challenged.’ Luckily, Janz says Bren doesn’t think that’s a banning offense.
Miffed thinks Bren needs support "despite her clumsiness and sometimes hasty or stupid decisions."
Stevo told Humanist who told Kezwalk ‘Bren owns porn sites’
Bren says she’s never voting BNP. NEVER.
Scylla gave Bren advice on how to rule the forum with an iron hand. I’m glad I’m not her husband.
Bugalugs doesn’t multitask: "All i can say is one day....when my nippers are all grown up......i would do time with great pride for a shot at Kate McCann. You have yourself a merry Christmas too Big L."
Bugalugs, at some point, thought the 3As was "dirty". She'd know from dirty, yeah?
Bugalugs called a most respected member "little lafin arsin"
ShuBob thought the mods were "stifling" debate
Cushty thinks Amaral was ‘mad’ to associate with the 3Arguidos
Estelle cuts and pastes articles even if she "doesn’t believe them."But she gets away with it, others say, because "she's chummy with some mods and bjr"
Beachy "no longer feel(s) the same way I used to feel about 3A." Ga, how long would she blather if she did?
Rival old bagpipe Chimaera bolted on the "embarrassingly unpopular" Oxford event. To be fair, one actually has to get up off one’s arse to attend before one could then bolt.
Chimaera did however get off her arse to do a ghoul run through Rothley. Probably it was on the way.
Doris gets pissed off when respected members are all talk and no action. But really, dear, there’s only so many sheets on a loo roll. Not everybody could have some stuck to their shoe even if they wanted to.
Doris’ pet name for Viv is Andrex.
Doris so hoped someone could add some threats in a bubble coming out of Gerry McCann’s mouth. Potty mouth.
Doris is no Scarlett O'Hara.
Builda will not cyberstalk any woman over 49.
Sez Bren: "Now if I was going to out someone, I would find all the info on the person who I thought they were linked to and go from there."
Also sez Bren: "What is discussed in Mod box about IP tracing etc should stay there."
Abuela gives info on people’s private lives to Tripz, as long as he won’t tell anybody
Stevo and princess_leia cyberinvestigated Vivida
DrachenSachen port scanned. Kinda sorta against the TOS of, oh, every internet service provider on the planet. Except in Russia. Possibly.
Snivelling Mole likes to cyber snoop on Facebook.
Arguida’s rule of thumb is "trust no one" on the site.
Anna Smith's view is "VITRIOLIC WEBSITE FORUM IS HOME FOR SPINELESS COWARDS." Now where did she get that idea?
At the worst of times, one respected member was "scared I might take someone's baby".
People like Tony_Q make Ferretmama ashamed to be British.
Tony_Q pms people things like: what the fuc.k are you going on about now shit.forbrains??
He also doesn’t like the ‘Jew press.’
He remains unbanned.
Even though Captain Moron doesn’t like him.
Captain Moron also doesn’t like to mod alone at night. She doesn’t "know what to do with the weirdos." Mind you, that's all she has left these days, so possibly she's revisited that position. Revisiting is like when someone resigns forever and returns within 48 hours.
On an unrelated matter, Roisin wonders "who the hell" Captain Moron thinks she is.
Mumof5 wonders what 3As members are like real life. Not in a good way.
Hardly anybody has anything good to say about Blossom.
Most days, most members seem to wonder who everybody else is.
Thankfully, they all have an opinion:
Chimaera: SallyGardens is Kay Scarpetta
Chimaera: Granofeleven is Kay Scarpetta
Chimaera: fft is Kay Scarpetta
Blondie2: Earthspirit is Norah and Harmony and FFT and Kay Scarpetta
Logicman: FarFrom is Gerry McCann
Bren: FarFrom is ‘a close family relation from Gerrys (sic) side’
Potsy: Earthspirit is FFT
Blondie2: Earthspirit is a member of Team McCann
Earthspirit: "many of the vile people on this site are team mccann"
Blondie2: Tylersmum is a member of Team McCann
Blonide2: Tylersmum is a team of people
Chrissie: Sentinel is a member of Team McCann
Chrissie: Tripz is a member of Team McCann
Christie: Laffin is a member of Team McCann
Beachy: Gestalt is a member of Team McCann
Foxylady: Caralina, Stinky Sardine and Albym are Team McCann
JillyComeLately: Caralina is a member of Team McCann
LillyoftheValley: nicked is a member of Team McCann
JillyComeLately: nicked is a member of Team McCann
JillyComeLately: " Team McCann had, at the last count 135 chimps/astroturfers/sock puppets on their payroll"
Donna: Emma2 is a member of Team McCann
Sally66: DeBunker is a member of Team McCann
Beachy: DeBunker is justlurking and a member of Team McCann
Potsy: newbie is DeBunker
Coldwater: DeBunker is twiglet1963, RRR, and HarveyHumphries
K4REN171: DeBunker is BJR, Nbrado, Princess Sukita, MoeSzyslak, Nicholass, TIREDOFTHEBS, FarFromThe, Scylla, Justin, Elizabeth, Shoperoo, and Poppyflowers (who also uses the fourm to flood with posts from other sources Plath, Beach, Cookie, Betwise, Tiny, Mairyhinge, Muratslawyer, Muratsglasses, Lindz07, DRACHENSACHEN/Rhodes, and P20)LaffinAssassin: DeBunker is SlyFox
Blackwater: DeBunker is Nbrado
ScotBot: Nbrado is DeBunker in disguise
Vexiana: Rhodes is DeBunker
ShuBob: "To be honest, I can't keep up with these debunker people"
jkh: "who is DeBunker?"
Wiseman: DominicanDave is sammysnake and AliceM
Marian: Tony_Q is Tony Bennett
Marian: Hippychick is CrystalTips and MazMod
Lizzy: ChinaGirl is Kate
Blacksmith: Gestalt is Mumbles
Miffed: Rumpleteaser is Verbatim
Miffed: Positron is Verbatim
Dinsdale Piranha: Verbatim is Wag
UncleMonty: Lovemedo is Verbatim
RRR: Verbatim is positron and snoop and rocket
Miffed: JREWING is Helmetheid
R_MuratsGlasses: Blondie is Nbrado
Blondie2: Nbrado is Grimly
Arguida: Nbrado is DixonCox
Arguida: Nbrado is "a bunch of other people"
RRR: Sir R is Prof Moriarty is SirR
Whatever: SallyGardens is Gardenia
Coldwater: Blossom is Terrybull
Hellothere is TheGoverner and maybe CheeseMaster
Vancouver1: Gestalt is Gerry or one of the T9
SnivellingMole: DairyMilk is Tyra
Rammy: JillyComeLately is Go Get ‘Em Goncalo
LilyoftheValley: Fox is one of the T7 (where’d the other two go? Woof)
Joline: Fox is Rosie
Oldcrone: Truth M’Lud is NurseProstlink
LaffinAssassin: Splodgeboy is Truth M’Lud
Blacksmith: Logicman is Coldwater
Blondie2: Sentinel says Coldwater is PsychicSarah
Rammy: Sentinel is Retribution
Chrissie: Sentinel is Gerry
Sentinel: "they are delusional fools, some of whom believe that i am gerry mccann or Clarence"
But what’s in a name? It’s the thought that counts. And because I’m a sniffer dog, not an air traffic controller, lets 100% let the respected members speak for themselves in the backstabbing department:
"beachy is another fantasist. probably worked in the police typing pool." Sentinel
"Beachy is shocking because she gives quite different life stories to you, which insidiously wrap around your own life. When she realised I was from Suffolk, she fabricated a story about her family home in Ipswich. When I asked her on the Mirror Forum (when I had a different name), she told me a different story, based around Brighton. I have pages of stuff from her, as do others, and they are totally irreconcilable. And her "cases" are complete fiction." JimH
"Beachy is a fraud and judging by the number of supportive pms I've received, I don't think I'm alone in this belief. I have most her pms saved and although it pains me to say it (I do honestly like a lot of her posts), she fabricates stuff in a pathological and disturbing fashion. Even Redsquare (who I think is pretty much impeachable in terms of integrity) thinks she is full of bullshit." Pogacsa
"Hi Laffin is a resident. As a rule of thumb, any name with 3 consonants, or even multple ie 6, will usually be a resident and pro Mccann and/or pro Murat." TTW4
"laffin is a disruptor...believe me..." Tripz
"I am not defending Laffin by any means but you must understand when things like you shag goats are printed on sites it is only natural to get very offended and go after these people." Admin
"you probably see my topic in repsonse to kezwalk whata bitch he/she is" carlymichelle
"Snivelling Mole gets right up my nose, as she just wants to gossip about them in a bitchy way." horsegirl
"Oh Lorriane WTF....Nasty what a bitch (Gran)..." Willow
"you've got to admit that carlymichelle's post are probably the most irritating on the forum... i know the poor lady is ill but...anything to deter her from posting is a good thing no?" astromum
"Bugalugs is a cheeky git - telling me to go and shut the door behind me. Who do these people think they are?" Poppyflowers
"Bugalugs was so rude without reason....didnt realise it was so bad with some people here to be honest..." pinkpixiexx
"He hasn't changed. He was an asshole then, and he's an asshole now. (Nbrado)" Beachy
"OMG have you just seen what he's (Tony_Q) said, although admin have deleted it l thought l'd send it to show you what an idiot we've conversed with tonight." Margaret
"the man's an idiot. you can drive a coach and horses through his arguments. good job he wasn't a barrister." Cushty
"What do you think Stevo's up to? Is he aligned with TB, just playing naive or is he really an idiot?" LittleGreyCell
"TRIPZ is a BULLY and you are no better for sticking up for him." Potatoe Head to jjp
"Sorry, had you (Qwerty) down for a moron for a while - obviously just a pious prick - Daddy"Markmirfin
"I have no time for the ignorant man (Stevo). I can't bear to enter his threads." xxdelly
"Very strange individual (Stevo), I know that some of us could be construed as being a bit obsessed in trying to work out what has happened to Madeleine but multiple websites are obsessive imo." xxdelly
"What a twat. (Stevo) " writer lynn
You have to wonder whether they actually hate the McCanns as much as they hate each other. But they won’t tell you that to your face.
PS: A copper’s advice to Bren: ‘switch off the PC.’
CarlyMichelle is still waiting for an answer on her offer to mod.
Laffin assures us he is of ‘previous good character.’
And I purposely left out the fact that jjp advertises for sex hook ups with couples and says he has an average sized dick. Which is scary because everybody adds at least three inches on the internet.
Really, what is it you awful people actually think you're accomplishing? Even if you were right with your wild, discredited theories, your character wouldn't survive the first paragraph in News of the World.

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Our WOOF! here is done...

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