Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As love in the air, something from the Chavbeths....

Hi Laffin

Really don't know how you managed to reply to that "business" PM - it was definitely deleted from the outbox. (Will try not to do it again, but sometimes my enthusiasm knows no bounds. Please keep to yourself (yes, I know Muratarse has guessed me - but not the other. Stevo is not on team.) And there is most definitely no access to anyone else's PMs. (??? Anyone else... so there's someone else? Grrrrrr....)

See Zeph has now put herself on Muratarse's radar by making 2 posts - possibly not a wise move if she doesn't want to be stalked - s/he's likely not to give her an easy time. But I'm sure a lady with that vocabulary can look after herself.

Are you more confident that Hounding is the Irish Tony??

See Isis seems to be defecting back (if she ever left) to Jans and signing up to twattwins - the latter surprised me. It would be interesting to have a better handle on who are Irish posters??

When are you giving those clay pigeons a bit of stick?? I "feel" for them! hope you have a good time! Good luck, whenever.

Take care

Van xxx

ETA 1 sentence re Zeph
ETA 2 test PM

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  1. Hi Eddie,
    What about Ironside? Have you got any info. on who the Hell he/she is?