Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a bitch nest

"beachy is another fantasist. probably worked in the police typing pool." Sentinel

"Beachy is shocking because she gives quite different life stories to you, which insidiously wrap around your own life. When she realised I was from Suffolk, she fabricated a story about her family home in Ipswich. When I asked her on the Mirror Forum (when I had a different name), she told me a different story, based around Brighton. I have pages of stuff from her, as do others, and they are totally irreconcilable. And her "cases" are complete fiction." JimH

"Beachy is a fraud and judging by the number of supportive pms I've received, I don't think I'm alone in this belief. I have most her pms saved and although it pains me to say it (I do honestly like a lot of her posts), she fabricates stuff in a pathological and disturbing fashion. Even Redsquare (who I think is pretty much impeachable in terms of integrity) thinks she is full of bullshit." Pogacsa

"Hi Laffin is a resident. As a rule of thumb, any name with 3 consonants, or even multple ie 6, will usually be a resident and pro Mccann and/or pro Murat." TTW4

"laffin is a disruptor...believe me..." Tripz

"I am not defending Laffin by any means but you must understand when things like you shag goats are printed on sites it is only natural to get very offended and go after these people." Admin

"you probably see my topic in repsonse to kezwalk whata bitch he/she is" carlymichelle

"Snivelling Mole gets right up my nose, as she just wants to gossip about them in a bitchy way." horsegirl

"Oh Lorriane WTF....Nasty what a bitch (Gran)..." Willow

"you've got to admit that carlymichelle's post are probably the most irritating on the forum... i know the poor lady is ill but...anything to deter her from posting is a good thing no?" astromum

"Bugalugs is a cheeky git - telling me to go and shut the door behind me. Who do these people think they are?" Poppyflowers

"Bugalugs was so rude without reason....didnt realise it was so bad with some people here to be honest..." pinkpixiexx

"He hasn't changed. He was an asshole then, and he's an asshole now. (Nbrado)" Beachy

"OMG have you just seen what he's (Tony_Q) said, although admin have deleted it l thought l'd send it to show you what an idiot we've conversed with tonight." Margaret

"the man's an idiot. you can drive a coach and horses through his arguments. good job he wasn't a barrister." Cushty

"What do you think Stevo's up to? Is he aligned with TB, just playing naive or is he really an idiot?" LittleGreyCell

"TRIPZ is a BULLY and you are no better for sticking up for him." Potatoe Head to jjp

"Sorry, had you (Qwerty) down for a moron for a while - obviously just a pious prick - Daddy." Markmirfin

"I have no time for the ignorant man (Stevo). I can't bear to enter his threads." xxdelly

"Very strange individual (Stevo), I know that some of us could be construed as being a bit obsessed in trying to work out what has happened to Madeleine but multiple websites are obsessive imo." xxdelly

"What a twat. (Stevo) " writer lynn

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