Monday, June 15, 2009

Gee, lets guess what her answer was...

AlmostGothic to Bren

I am utterly flabbergasted.
Speechless almost.

PFA are just loving this.
Raptors also.
And, no doubt, Janz's forum.

3As members have been loyal through many bad times - trolls, threats, ex-mods, Nbrado, Nbrado revisited.
But for how much longer?

How on earth is all this furthering the cause of Madeleine McCann?

(there's a bone in it for the first respected member who can identify which particular f**k up is being referenced here. Owing to the significant number of choices, contest closes 18:00, 31st December, 2034. Woof!)


  1. Could you put dates on the posts? A date on this one would certainly help identify the f*ck up, but then theres been so many LOL
    Eddie are you applying to be a mod? Woof!!!!!

  2. Sukitagate! Do I win the prize?