Friday, June 12, 2009

Protection Racket

From Kizzy to Laffin:

Laffin wrote: Are you prepared to tell me why you resigned ?

Of course I am willing to tell you that - however, when you become a Mod you have to agree that you don't take anything out of the Mod box! (LOL.Eddie)

You are being protected by Photon and Bren by the way. (I am not sure whether that is what you needed to know.)

However, this is a bit of free advice: please don't make it too hard for the Mods to protect you. You do have a tendency to be rude to other posters. Stay calm and sensible. Don't use swear words; aggressive statments etc. And, my final bit of asdvice is DO NOT SPAM THE THREADS!

See what I mean.

I'll log into (Redacted) to see if you have added me on MSN or Skype.

I have some translations that I need to finish....



  1. Are these pm's for real or are you making them up? Surely the mods must be aware of this site so why are they still pm'ing unless it's to wind you up?


    You might wanna do some screencaptures to convince us!

  2. Kizzy why did you remain a member of a orum where a member was given protection while he carried out criminal activies?

    I remember you as a principled person. How did you lose your integrity?

    In fact how can any 3A member reading here justify their stance at continuing to support 3A without questioning admin.

    A very simple question ....Bren what happened the data base. The forum was not hacked into so the database was given away!

  3. Kizzy why did you share on the 3A's, the private e-mail addresses of people from your other forum, where you are an admin along with someone called Tezza. Is this your normal practise on that forum, or do you just target people you don't like? I think your members have a right to know, don't you?