Friday, June 19, 2009

"I am not comfortable with putting living people's details on a forum, but am quite happy for you to do so."

Tripz, if you want to progress this thread...the info is a public record and is available (with a subscription) on, so it's not giving away any secrets! I would prefer not to be named as the source as I am helping some other people on the site with their genealogies and I wouldn't like them to think they couldn't trust me...however, quite happy for you to quote the details as they ARE public records, but many people wouldn't know where to find them.

R****** ******* **********. Born quarter ********* 19** in Wirral. Mother's maiden name ****.



Hi lynne, yes, back to balmy *********** on 24th for a week, can't wait to see ****** and ******. I see them on the webcam, although ***** usually just says "hiya nana, where's me grandad" Be good to give them both a hug.

Had the estate agent round this week so my apartment is really clean and tidy for a change! If we don't sell it by the end of summer, we will think of renting it out long term and renting in England. We are looking at *********** because we know it well and Mum lives there. To be honest, don't really know much about the *********** suburbs, so if you could suggest anywhere nice or areas to avoid, that would be good. Luckily we were able to pay off the mortgage when we sold the house in ******* so paid outright for this place. We will lose a bit, but with the euro against the pound, shouldn't be too bad. Fingers crossed!!

Difficult to find out much about Payne. I found his sister ******* who was born Leicester 19**. She married ****** * ***** in R******** 19**. She is (redacted) and mother's maiden name is *********. I did find the parents marriage too, but I've tidied up so well, I can't find it. I remember they were married in Leicester though.

Well, off to bed now, I've had a long tiring day doing absolutely nothing but sitting in the sun, soaking up some sunshine vitamins!

Take care and talk to you soon.


A D***** connection!

Hi polandguy. You may be interested in another D***** connection. As a genealogist, I am not comfortable with putting living people's details on a forum, but am quite happy for you to do so.

Just checked out ******* on Friends Reunited. She is listed under ****** ********** (which was her maiden name). On it she states that in 19** she left the UK for ******** with an NGO (I've NO idea what that means!), followed by eight and a half years at the ****** ********. Now working in a ******** *******.

This may, or may not, be of any importance, but just thought I would let you know.


Abuela (J******)

(How the hell does this topic get raised over fry up? Woof!)

Hello and thanks for an interesting read. I completely agree with you when you say that everything has a meaning if only we stop and look. The dream that my daughter and I had on the same night, was that we had sex with a not very sexy or fanciable actor, LOL! He wasn't someone in the headlines, we hadn't seen him on TV recently or even someone that we had discussed together previously. All very bizarre!

((redacted boring even for somebody who talks with relations about sex dreams.))


Abuela (J*****) x

Tripz, this is probably just purely coincidental, but O'Brien's mother's maiden name is ***** - the same as the guy at the *** that did the negative report.

And *******'s mother's maiden name is ******** - same as a certain politician, redacted

As I said, probably completely coincidental, but might be something you want to put in your notes.


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