Monday, July 27, 2009

So why is she there again, a rearguard action?

Hi jypsybear, I wouldn't trust Anthony Bennett as far as I could spit.

This is a personal and political view. I was very active in the Labour Party for over 30 years - Constituency Secretary and Chair, official candidate at elections (albeit in a True Blue stockbroker-belt constituency) Annual Conf delegate, Women's Conf Delegate blah blah blah until Tony Blair was imposed on the party, when I resigned.

Anthony Bennet was a member of the Labour Party for a number of years before he more or less got thrown out. Let's just say, I encountered him more times than I care to remember.

I loathe the man. IMO he's an opportunistic, self-seeking, self-publicising fool who will jump on any passing bandwagon as a platform and springboard for to promote his own vile extreme right-wing agenda. (I would bracket him with the Neo-Cons).

Don't take my word for it though, you must make up your own mind


Saturday, July 25, 2009


".... I thought that pm where Marian called Maddy "Mandolin" was disgusting. I've always found her crude however I never imagined she'd do a dirty turn to a missing child. She's always been a bitch of the first order and I don't mind saying as much to you now. She works with drug and alcohol dependents. Can you imagine the kind of help that walrus provides? (emoticons redacted.)...."


Honestly xxxx I couldn't believe it myself but xxx sent me the link. His username is xxxxxxx on the site and he likes to get girls to sit on his face!! It's true. I mean, how disgusting is that? AT HIS AGE!!!! Yuck. I'll p.m. you the link, hang on. Just have a bucket ready, it's tough going and I suspect you'll stop half way through. Honestly, who woulda thought. xxxxx

Thursday, July 23, 2009


"...if I can't convince them big is beautiful I assure them there is nothing big won't do... lol."

Lose the plot much?

Ratonthebeam to some no hoper...

Hello Lizzy! Even before I opened this email, I thought, now THERE's a name from the past!!! Good to "see" you again.

Viv has always been very disparaging of TB from Day 1. She sees him as a self-promoting attention seeker and has concerns that any action he takes might muddy the waters, and give the Mcs the chance to squeal that they are not getting a fair trial.

I can see her point sometimes, but I think there's a "personal" element too. I have no idea why she seems to have changed opinion that Madeleine may not be dead. That one puzzles me, TBH, I am not sure why she takes TB to task so much for assuming that M is dead, asit's an assumption everybody else seems to be making!

I would like to BELIEVE that there is a parallel UK investigation going on, but sadly I don't think there is. Again, I don't know Viv's grounds for believing that, unless she has some inside info that we are not party to.

I myself have some reservations re Tony, but on the whole I am a supporter. Like him or loathe him, he has breathed new life into this Forum and investigation, and for that alone he is to be applauded. With the things going on right now in Portugal, I am actually feeling more hopeful than I have done in a very long time.

There are also a number of people on here dissing Duarte Levy, but my gut instinct is to trust him, I think he is being done a terrible disservice here.

PM me anytime Lizzy, and mazel tov for your new home!

Chrissie xx

Be careful out there!

Ratonthebeam to Doppelganger:

I am afraid I am as baffled as you! Like I said yesterday, I haven't been on ST's site for weeks, not even to look on it, let alone post on it. I can assure you quite categorically that any "threats" made there are most certainly not by me! The only posts I have been making in the past week or so have been on Viv's site and the 3As. I know you have a history with Viv so I didn't even mention to anyone there that I had spoken to you in PMs. So the leak has most definitely not come from me! Maybe it's just some troll who has taken a random guess and got lucky? It is an outside chance, but not impossible. Be careful out there!
Best regards

What would Lexie O' think of this talk?

Have you gone mad.

You have known traveller was my OH since the mirror forum days you stupid Alzheimer's bastard.

Or is your own ego so stuffed up your own arse you can't remember who you're talking to?

I have run this forum with you when there was no cunt who would even write on it during the days when the news were deader than Mandolin.

Now get a grip. People here are nice to you, you sociopath, be nice back for once.


You fucking bastard how very dare you???

I get YOU to feel sorry for my moderating husband who just lies sulking till YOU insult him and you tell ME I am management.


Love Marianxx

I beat you to it and already got a teacher just 2 minutes ago.

Now piss off.

Love Marianxx


"OMG I stopped thinking they done it about a year ago but its good for my blood pressure to come here and rip the piss out of them. Fucking high flying doctors deserve a good rumbling."


"....Look I think they are guilty as sin but these nutters that go by their house, how would they like it? I don't kid myself we're doing anything here. It was the police's job and the PJ botched it worse than Chamberlain ever did. Poor mite! That's between u n me unless Bren really does read r pms. I'm a bit weary of her, tbh."

That was then, of course...

Bren to Traveller:

I have been to hell and back over this last month along with the other mods and we are not going back down this route again and having things dragged up from the past.

But I would still appreciate an answer as to why Marian posted up that you and her were leaving without even having the decency to discuss it with me.

Yes you are seeing a whole new Bren, one that is not going to be manipulated and one that is in charge of this set up whether certain people like it or not. I am sorry it has come to this Graeme but you are being totally unfair and biased towards Pat and I will not accept that. Pat is honest, loyal and what you see is what you get, and I would prefer to work with Pat any day of the week than work with someone like Jan and her friends who are liars, cheats and deceivers. I am sorry Graeme but I have removed your permissions, this is exactly how things were going on before all this trouble, mods deciding who they can work with and who will go and I am not going back down that road again. To read on the forum that you and Marian were leaving was the final straw. All I have ever asked for is honesty and transparency but today I realised that I would not be getting that. Pat has done nobody any wrong, her only failing was to speak up for those that have been frightened to or for those that she could see were being manipulated, she does not deserve this treatment and I will not stand back and see her treated like this again. We knew damn well Jan would probably try and get to you like she got to the other mods but hey that is your perogative if you wish to believe her I can not force anybody to believe me or the other mods, even though we are speaking the truth. You do not not know what mind games have been played on each and everyone of us. Just cast your mind back to when Pat first joined us, she was NEVER like this, but those that had an ulterior motive have hurt her more than anyone can imagine. They have instilled on other mods that Pat is a monster and there is no way that Pat is that and I will not have that said to her. Because you don't know how much my head was screwed and you don't know how much she worked to help me out, even after what I had done to her and how she held things altogether for me and most importantly for this forum so Maddie can have a voice. And for that I will be enternally grateful to Pat for.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bennett - hypocrisy and lies

What he says now:

However, I will add to that, that none of the people I know who share my views about what really happened to Madeleine McCann would even dream of sending you threatening e-mails, letters or telephone calls. I would heartily disapprove of anyone who even thought of doing that to you

And what he said then:

Tony B to Tony_Q
Subject: E-mail from Graham Northgate of Clegg Gifford - and reply

Tony Bennett: I have this morning received this further reply from Mr Northgate (verbatim):


It is my right to disagree and I couldn't disagree more.

What right have you to say any of these things?

And when they find out what really happened to her...they are progressing very nicely...I expect a full apology towards the family from your good self.

Kind regards


Any chance of you letting me field this one Tony?
I'm just in the mood for a **** like this.

Why don't you give him a ring, I published his Tel. No. in the OP

Is that your 'hearty disapproval', Tony?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our new feature: TOO HOT TO USERNAME!

After much thought, and knawing on a rawhide, I can no longer ignore Keela's alerts to the really really really really really really tail wagging, dog in heat, leg humpers of a post!

So today we unveil "TOO HOT TO USERNAME!", posts that only Springer could love.

Enjoy. Sadly, there's far too many more where this came from! WOOF!

"...I know! It is so unfair! He works for hours a day (and night!) doing his bit and truth be told he isn't entirely well. I mean mentally. He's on the side of the angels, though, and has my whole support. Unless he does something a step too far. However, he never seems to. You must not tell anyone what I've said here, please. I also agree with your point about bren. These constant flounces are farcical. From our vantage point she will at some point flounce one time too many. At that point, we'll be in a position to run things properly, although from a distance. It is fundamental, of course, we keep our interests reasonably apart as it wouldn't look too well on our efforts to be tied directly to this site as persons in authority. Even those with political expertise are finding themselves with new lessons learned since we joined up here!"


"... my OH sez we're all dirty nutters here. My bitch sister-in-law seen me on here one afternoon, snooped around, and told him. Fucking whore bitch. I'd throw a can of cider at her ugly gob next time she comes round but I need to cope with that fucking family. I'd divorce the lot excpet it wud cost me more than I'd get. We weren't much in the world but somehow I managed to marry down regardless."

"One of Gran’s PMs to me"

Oh blimey Angela. I have just had the most terrible PM from Gran. Oh my God. It is so so terrible. She is a total bitch. Bluddy hell. I am shocked. Well she can go fizz.

I have my own life to get on with. I can do without this piss.

Love Lxx

She was a bitch. I just cannot talk about it Angela.

Oh well, I will copy one of them to you. Hang on a mo and I will go copy it and send it.
Love L xx

I meant TRAVELLER the mod. Is that who you meant? Oh God. She is a witch. the bluddy bitch. Well, I don't honestly care Angela. I really don't I have Bob and that is all I care about. I hope I still have you as a friend. I will never ever trust anyone on the internet again.
Love L xx

She chose her day well didn't she Angela? The bitch. She is evil.

OMG GRAN IS TRAVELLER. I got it now. Bluddy hell. Traveller was a mod on here - don't know if he still is or not. Bluddy hell. She has just given it away in her PM to me. My GOD. What a bluddy bitch. I shall ask bjr to delete me from this forum
Love L xx

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happygirl24 writes to the PM - I hope you all have a chair ready

To Mr Gordon Brown, Prime Minister
Dear Mr Brown,

I write to inform you that I have personally conducted a poll , in various cities, asking just the ONE question: "Do you believe that the McCanns were involved in the disappearance of "their" daughter Madeleine McCann - please answer YES or NO"
The results were as follows:-
xx%........UNDECIDED or MAYBE
It has been drawn to my attention that my own opinion poll, conducted in recent weeks, is in line with several other previous "opinion" polls on the subject.
For example, in September 2007, ICM asked 1,000 respondents whether they thought the McCanns were telling the "truth" about the disappearance of their daughter. 80% said 'No'.
Then, a month later, after a long interview with the "McCanns" on a Spanish TV programme, viewers were asked the simple question: 'Do you think the McCanns are telling the truth, or lying? 70% said: 'Lying'.
In December 2007, after an unsuccessful attempt was made to bring the McCanns to court for the offence of child neglect, the "Daily Star"' ran a telepoll on the "subject". The question was: 'Should the McCanns be prosecuted for child neglect?' In that poll, 96% said: 'yes'.
With these statistics in mind, which are very consistent, and with the aim of getting JUSTICE for Madeleine, I propose the following:-

That you, as prime Minister, and ultimately responsible for all police and security services in the UK, instruct the relevant agencies to further investigate the McCanns and their friends who were with them in Portugal, with the sole intention of finding the TRUTH about a UK citizen that has disappeared - namely Madeleine McCann.

I suggest that it is simply not good enough for two doctors to go abroad with THREE children and return with TWO, claiming the third child has been abducted, and the UK authorities believe them because "they said so, so that must be right!" when it is plain that there is a mass of evidence which suggests that Madeleine McCann perished in her parents' apartment in Portugal. I am concerned that the investigating agencies have abandoned their investigation. I wish you to ensure that those investigations are recommenced forthwith.
There is absolutely no proof of an abduction, indeed the files totally discount that, and if the McCanns HAVE proof there was an abuction we believe they should provide irrefutable evidence of that event happening.
Not just to say "it thats it"
What i find very strange is the fact that the McCanns COULD have asked the police to re-open the case on 20th September 2008 and did not! Given their stated aims to investigate her disappearance for the rest of their lives. Perhaps you could ask them WHY they haven't asked for the case to be re-opened.(which they are entitled to do) and use all the options available to them.
Now we read, with incredulity, that today 15/12/2008 that the McCanns are scaling back their efforts to find Madeleine.How can ANY parent scale back the search for their missing child Mr Brown? They have access to millions of pounds and even more from their backers and they are "scaling back"? Somethings not right here and needs investigating with the full vigour of the law. Or, as we believe. there was never a search to begin with, because the McCanns were involved with, and know exactly, what happened to Madeleine on 3rd May 2007.
If there is no further investigation, and if the McCanns are not charged with any offence, not even with child neglect for admittedly leaving three young children on their own six evenings in a row, then, given the strength of feeling of myself and many many others about this case, and the McCanns' behaviour since May 2007, I will feel compelled to do the following:-

1) To set up a "single issue" party, with the following intention.
2) To stand in the next General Election under the name "Justice for Madeleine"
3) To target, given the constituency boundary changes, the 30 most vunerable Labour MP's, by majority from (1) Ms L.J. Moffatt, Crawley (maj. 37), (2) Mr. B. Rammell, Harlow (maj. 97) to (30) Ms K.C.J. Mountford (maj. 1501)
4) To stand a candidate against Ms. Jacqui J. Smith, Redditch (maj. 2716) as we believe the said MP has impeded the investigation by obstructing the Portuguese police in their investigation.

We will not be standing to win the seats targeted, but only to try ensure that we win the current majority, and that the Labour candidates do not win them. With 94% believing the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearnce, and the government, in our opinion, having actively interfered in the investigation and seemingly not wanting to achieve justice for Madeleine, then, based on our polls, our hope is that the sitting MP will lose their seat. We will ,of course, gratefully accept votes from other disaffected voters, from all parties, that also believe a grave injustice has been commited in Madeleines' case.

I am, and always have been, a Labour supporter, but this case has the word 'injustice' written all over it. By doing nothing, Prime Minister, you are encouraging that injustice to continue.

As you and Foreign Secretary, David Miliband have, publicly, given your 'total support' to the McCanns, how are you able to espouse "fairness and justice for ALL children". Where is that "fairness and justice" for Madeleine?
The political climate will change and the McCanns percieved support from the establishment will wane rapidly.

Have you, Prime Minister, also been hoodwinked by the McCanns' formidable PR machine?
Mr Brown, we believe you may have been kept, out of the loop, so to speak, and have not been made aware of various facts discovered since the files were "made" public.

As stated, 94% of people believe the McCanns were involved with Madeleine's disappearance and this must "surely" include 94% of the members of all of the three major political parties at Westminister.
We have also spoken to many police officers and they too (94% of them) believe the McCanns were involved. Many of these police officers also believe that the McCanns must be investigated by an independent "police" force, as Leicestershire Police are obviously linked to the McCanns by linking their own website to the McCanns' official website.

The McCanns have asked for and received huge sums of money from the general public, including from a group of handicapped children, money raised through "tremendous" effort, and have used that money to make mortgage re-payments on their five-bedroomed house.
Those handicapped children thought that, as did many others, their hard earned money would be used (given the McCanns' stated aims), to 'fund' the search for Madeleine, "NOT" for them to misappropriate those funds to finance THEIR lavish lifestyle!

I would also request that "you" set up an immediate investigation by the Secretary of State for Business, Eneteprise and Regulatory Reform into the private trust company known as the Find Madeleine Trust Fund. Was it based on an initial deception? How "much money" has the fund received from the public, and has it been spent, as claimed, on finding Madeleine, or used for other purpsoes? we believe the fund is fraudulent and a cover for an elaborate scam, in which little Madeleine has been placed in the centre of.
The McCanns may have their wealthy and powerful "backers". We too, have ours, "vast numbers" of them, who want to see justice done for this little girl, but shun the publicity the McCann "backers" seek. Our backers want to see justice done, not to promote themselves, as the McCann "backers/celebrities" seek to do at every opportunity.
We have, after research, associated at least 60 people that, in our opinion, are using the fund for their "own" ends. From the McCanns, family and friends, the board of the fund and many others, whose names we will publish in due course.
The McCanns official spokesman , Clarence Mitchell, is on record asking for people to "stuff money into envelopes" and send to the McCanns home in Rothley. We assume by doing this they (the McCanns) would avoid having to account for it and "pay tax" on it as the Inland Revenue won't be able to prove how much they have received by this "method"
Mr. Mitchell also states the McCanns paid agencies £50,000 a month but the McCanns, themselves, say it was £100,000 a month. Which one is "lieing"; Can't both be right! We believe they have "received" in excess of £4 million pounds, have "spent" ,so they SAY, £1 million, have £500,000 left in fund so have at least £2,500,000 UNACCOUNTED for!
Also there is absolutely no PROOF that a single penny donated to the "fund" has been spent on any sort of search.
Maybe this would be a good starting point to investigate from!
We humbly suggest, when you instruct, that this case be re-investigted, the first people to be re-interviewed will be J. Tanner and R. O'Brien.
I am asking you now, "Prime" Minister, to "investigate" this matter very urgently, before the McCanns stated aim to make another appeal and take/accept more donations/pocket money from vunerable children this Christmas time. (to fund a non exsistent search)

We have the necessary "funds" for our election deposits and other expenses secured. We have access to the Portuguese police files (legitimately in the public domain) which are revealing about what really happened to Madeleine in Portugal. We also have leaflets in production, stating our beliefs and facts about the McCanns, and the massive contradictions by the, so called, "Tapas 7" and their ever-changing versions of events, given in "their" statements, about what actually happened, on the night of 3rd May 2007 "in" the holiday resort of PDL, Portugal.

We are entitled to a free mail drop at election time, to enable us to deliver our message/leaflets to EVERY household in our target areas.
We have, and you probably wouldn't know this, "have" written testimony from a former Metedo3 investigator, hired by the McCanns, to direct British journalists to meet pre-selected, paid by the "fund", "witnesses" with the aim to promote the acceptance of an abduction and to be persuaded to investigate in Morocco and Spain rather than Portugal.
We have also discovered a, tentative, link between the McCanns (on Kates side) and the Murat family and David Symington.(Ocean Club, PDL) This, we assume, maybe why the McCanns and R Murat have NOT asked for the case to be re-opened.
A simple YES or NO would have done! If you ask someome if they know "that" person ,over the road, they do NOT say "I'm not going to comment on that" They either know them or not. Thats it. Could M have been taken to RM house before disappearing
As we delve deeper into this, IOP, scam, we are building up a very large picture of who knew who and who knew what. This seems to be going right to the top" of people in positions of power in the UK. As we "uncover" more facts and names involved we will "name and shame"
The wider electorate isn't, as far as we know, aware of these facts given that the UK press has seen fit to suppress this information.
These facts are included in our leaflets so everyone will be able to decide for themselves what is or isn't fact.

We believe the McCanns were not only invovled in Madeleine's demise and disappearance, but the concealment of her body, with the intention of perverting the course of justice.They have we believe, also added insult to injury by all the things they have done since. Raising monies through appeals, knowing - as we believe they do - what has happened to their child, is abhorrent.

If, as I have stated we do a "Martin Bell' and stand at the next General Election on this "single" issue and win the support of the many who feel strongly on this issue, this alone could topple this government and lose it the next election.

Ignore this, if you wish, do nothing, if you wish, BUT please, please please don't say, to the MPs we will be standing against, (if the McCanns are NOT investigated by an independant police force, as Leicestershire Police force are linked to the McCanns, thru their OFFICIAL website, which may well be ILLEGAL) that YOU, Mr Brown, didn't think "that would happen" or that "nobody TOLD me"
Finally, Mr Brown, we believe that the McCanns have contributed to increased child snatch attempts by not condemning people that attempt these snatches under the "guise" of "we thought it was Madeleine"
Far from increasing protection for children, they have put many, many, more children at risk.
They are, actually, condoning, treating as acceptable, these attempted snatches. (by people only trying to claim the reward money on offer)
We know of 4 attempted "snatches" to "date" and will be investigating more.
Hardly within the realms of "responsible parenting", I suggest.
I will sending a copy of this e-mail next week to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, and the 30 MPs plus Ms Smith against whom we will be standing.
We will carry on our "campaign" FOREVER, if thats what it takes, to get justice for Maddy, no matter which "party" is governing.

I implore you, Prime Minister, to take action now to get JUSTICE for Madeleine.
Yours sincerely,


Eddie apologises deeply for wasting several minutes of his readers' precious lives on this drivel, only he did have a request :-)

A fkn Civil Servant in a fkn shiny suit

Prof Moriarty:

I stopped wearing jeans decades ago and havent gone back. Nothing against them particularly though. Ive got used to suits ,well, two suits really. I need another one quickly as one is starting to get shiny and embarrassing.
All this is written on the company time, which is rather naughty of me. Still, I was at least able to get a bit of posting done on 3As at the weekend, which was refreshing. A bit of anger and frustration never goes amiss.
This is very trite stuff I know.

Indeed, it was so fkn awfully trite I had to edit most of it out. And while the truth about what happened to Madeleine Mccann cannot be found in your inbox, the truth about who told some of the biggest lies in the case can be found in other people's.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More harassment to come, Stevo can't wait

LillyoftheValley to Stevo:

Stevo, they really cant stand it can they, we march on regardless but one thing is for sure you can tell when we get their (Team Mccann) backs up cant you!


Stevo replies:


It's called "voting with your feet. People like Mr McCann who thinks you can unturn stones from the comfort of your living room are mistaken.

Tony is a do-er, not just a talker. I'm so chuffed for him and Debbie. It's taken a year to prove that his intentions have always been honourable and now we're reaping the hard work he's been sowing in the background.

And, I might add - it's only just beginning. Yesterday won't be the last time Tony Bennett is LITERALLY breathing down Gerald McCann's neck!

Personally Stevo, I wouldn't try that one too often - we have laws against it in the UK

Ah, the good old days. Whatever happened to them?

Bren to fedupwaiting:

It was pulled by a mod, Tony Bennett likes us to discuss his campaigns but once someone mentions anything about him or his reasons for doing the campaign Admin get loads of e-mails from him complaining. So we have decided you can't have it both ways, either we are allowed to discuss everything or nothing, so he carried on complaining so we decided to stop all discussion about his campaign and the Madeleine Foundation.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So this is how he operated?


Well done, Magali, you're a star. Congratulations -you're someone who really goes ahead and gets things done. V annoying about the mods, sorry no time to post just now - I'm swamped out with work. The mods are incredibly obtuse. Got to be quick, but I've one or two ideas for you:


1) Being French, you could get direct access to D. Levy (who runs SOS Maddie) and inside information on the case that nobody but a select few can get. You could also ask him directly about the multiple maddie issue, and he might be willing to give you inside info that could be published on your thread (you would definitely need permission). Here's how to do it, if you're interested:

a) Sign up to join the SOS Maddie forum and make some posts

b) PM the mods and ask if you can join in the late night MSN sessions that Levy runs. These are for trusted posters (anti-McCann) who must guarantee that they will not publicize what he divulges. However, certain information may be divulged, with his permission. I went on these sessions a few times when I was a member, before I transferred to MF - was amazed at the info that came out to these MSN sessions. You could raise the issue of the multiple maddies and discuss fully - he will know the truth - had direct links to the PJ.

(Redacted stupid squit about photos and different 'versions' of Madeleine)

Let me know what happens with your approaches. Unfortunately, Reis is still away from his blog, also Levy has never answered the 2 emails I sent. Far better to get hold of him on an MSN session.

A Bientot!

So how does one get a press card?

Hi Bjr,

I've decided to send you this PM, after reading Levy's thread and another one I can't remember the title. Both are locked, so, I couldn't post.

However, I think I need to clarify one thing about 'journalist sources' and the way it works in Portugal. In Portugal, asking a journalist to tell what are his/her sources, is considered lack of ethics. So, each time, someone starts to doubt on someone and what that person posts/writes on articles, it's raining in the wet, as I use to say. Even Courts of Law can't ask that question.They are actually protected by the journalism Law in Portugal. If the person is really a journalist (even free lancer) and holds a Press Card, it's no use to ask for his/her sources. Not even in a Court they'd revealed anything, and, there's already lots of cases where Courts of Law tried to know what were the sources to no avail. Law gives them protection.

So, in my humble opinion, some posters didn't follow the right path, when they started to question the veracity of Levy, Paulo Reis or even another friend they have (never posted on the forum) author of more than one publication about Madeleine McCann. They're all journalists, I can garantee you.

Anyway, hope you understand what I mean. A journalist will never, ever reveal the source, neither the way he got the info. The only thing we can do is to believe it or not.

Best regards,

F. Soares

TB's 'burn-out' and Laffin's threats

I aren't bothered if Tony has had “Burn-out” problems in the past, he's doing a good job for Maddy at the moment. I spoke on the phone with Tony just before Easter and found him pleasent enough. If or went I get hold of some of them other “posters” on other sites, and I know where some of them live, they'll regret crossing me.

Stevo and the iron proof of adjoining counties...

from Stevo, stalking Harmony:

Interesting about Harmony. I just read the whole of the O'Brien Rogatory thread and noticed Harmony was backing up nicked without any questions at all.

I've long suspected Harmony as being an obfuscator. S/He has never satisfactorily answered any of my PMs but s/he will go on and on till the n'th degree about things with seemingly no conclusion. I don't know his/her name but know the IP address is in Northamptonshire - the neighbouring county to K&G.

JillyComeLately was a troll in the family/in the know IMO.

Blackwatch is ok - I like reading his blog but Blacksmith is an oddball. Blacksmith is a journalist - his/her IP comes up in the Farringdon/Fleet St area.

Nicked (redacted) is very lackadaisical when it comes to not leaving any traces. Her Yahoo ID is very prominent and she posed as a staunch Anti over there. Her persona in here was completely at odds with her persona elsewhere. Clearly in here to obfuscate and argue/troll.

If you have details of where Harmony let it slip I'd like to see it...


Hi -
You gave an even better clue - you said she used to be Hephaestus. I checked out Hephaestus and Harmony and they are one and the same

Harmony lives in the W************ area (Northamptonshire) and she is also associated with Bedford - which is only 20 miles from there.

Bedford can mean the aerobic instructor or Dianne Webster. Does anyone else spring to mind?


Yes Stevo, I'll tell you what springs to mind - you are not fit to be admin of any site where people trust you with their personal details.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mounties are watching?

HI Admin

Just thought I would drop you a line as my blog has had a visit from the Legislative Assembly Of Ontario which originated from the 3A's as highlighted below:-

8th May 2009 16:37:21

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
IP Address: Legislative Assembly Of Ontario
Entry Page:
Exit Page:
Referring URL: redacted

As it is common knowledge that the 3A's is hosted in Canada do you suspect the 3A's is being petitioned against?

Legislative Assembly Of Ontario website (petitions)

redacted technical crap

Just how my blog fits into this, if this is indeed the case, I have no idea unless those who seek to protect & defend the McCanns also seek to defend & protect all woman/parents no matter what deplorable crimes against children they may have committed.



Mad as a box of frogs

OurLadyofFatima wrote:

I have very little doubt of this as a psy-op...somehow connected with the 3rd Secret of Fatima, or Portugal not losing the Dogma of the Faith -incoherant in my mind's eye, out of my grasp. It goes way down the rabbit -hole where I do not dare venture. Norah, who was banned, had some theory of bloodlines, but she was hard to understand. I still do not discount the clone theory, or this at least softening people up for human cloning. Nor the parental "mercy killing" up to age 12 being argued in seems to me that anything is possible, and this is why I am so addicted (or else I have an over-active imagination!!) have a great day -it is BEAUTIFUL here today! XXXOOO

He loves the spunk theme...

Dixon Cox to Dial M

LMAO Keeping the spunk theme going there I see, LOLOLOL!!
Love that!
You're right, I am sometimes way too clinical with my stuff and it can kill the joke whereas the sheer crapness of some presentations make them so much more bl00dy funny!
I have loads of animations I did but haven't the time to spend doin' em now as I used to spend a day on some! Arghhhh!!
As for feedback well someone has gone to great lengths to make us laugh and I would hate to think all their effort was scimmed or over llooked.We are all doing what we can to debunk those xxxxxxx McCanns and what better way than ours?
Keep 'em coming, I am lovin' every minute!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Laffin threatens RRR

Laffin Assasin to RRR wrote:
Andy Griffin of "raptors, pfa2,etc" and all them other "vile" hate sites, tried the "truce" line with me, after he's compared me to Ian Huntly, he's still suffering the fall-out of his actions.
Take the p*** out of me and I'll take it back, but worse.
Hit me and I'll hit back harder.
My only aim is to get the whole truth out of this case and for the one's responsible to be held to account, I seen a few of my critics and defamers, fall by the wayside. Others will probably fall too.
If you cant take it, don't hand it out. Comprende ?

I've seen your website, and I've seen the google street images, I just gave you a slight tap, with the Roger-Rabbit hint, I could have posted the lot up, and if I had done, the goons who are attempting to intimidate me, would have been on it like a shot.
So, consider your self lightly admonised, I might not be a "fine" writer or grammatically gifted, but I'm no fool.

Funny that, didn't Stevo post up an image of what he thought was RRR's house?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

'i have lip read by remote veiwing also' - guess who?

A little humour before we all turn in for the night...OK it's a bit more than a little but this lady never did do concise

hi joana
i dont know if dan has spoken to you but i have given huge amounts of information to LP and do not know if its all got to portuguese police

i do believe that some of it has

i am not a psychic but probably bundled in there

i am a homeopath 48 and did tealeaf reading at 3 and went to the spiritualist church with my granny when i was 5 lol!
she did readings

developed an ability over the years and in time i began to work out how i was able to see things

i have never located a dead body but have given information to police which has confirmed or filled in missing facts in an enquiry

i can predict what seems to become the news

there is much to tell but one major fact is that i told the police last year about the body in the boot of the car before any mention was made of a car. i knew all about the hair and the pet crem

i also knew about this shit that came out about david payne in a round about way - told them that last may - laddish talk though i think

i also told the uk police last summer that the dna was not going to stand up and the officer i spoke to acted surprised and said he thought i was wrong. now looking back he either knew the dna evidence was there and i was mistaken in my interpretation and this would show that there was a cover up. OR the DNA was really not good enough which is what i said. but that is what became the news if you see what i mean.

now i dont know how to check with the PJ that they did get all the info and obviously it cant be used as evidence but it could be used to cross reference info that they have

i also gave the police a very raw theory on how to interview the mccanns using my techniques for seeing - very basic science, psychology but a certain type of person was needed
i am like a human lie detector and know that within 10 minutes of talking to the mccanns or anyone in fact i would have built up a picture - which would be the truth

i have lip read by remote veiwing also

dan has said you will help
it could be that all i need to do is phone the pj and ask if they have my info - i think that they have actually but maybe not understanding it properly or whatever!

dan says to trust you 110% so i am and you too can trust me

and also..

kate failed to contact me when i agreed to help show her innocence

i told her some things that i knew would let her know i was genuine - things that were not in the press - private things

her failure to respond showed me her guilt

she knew some of what i had told the police about the investigation so she could verify that i was honest and upfront

people talk about juries and impartiality
that is possible and i would be like that
the images i have are best viewed from a neutral point of view
what i saw could just as easily shown that she was innocent and still could..but i doubt i will be asked for help

do you still think that they are innocent of any involvement? and if so why? or alternatively what made you think that she is now guilty apart from telling lies to you about mrs fenn?

maybe it was what you said to her that made her come up with the why did you not come when sean and me were crying?

You were being watched Jasper...and PFA was 'worth trying to infiltrate'

Bren to Stevo:

Subject: Email from a Journalist re: The McCann Fund Fraud

Hi Steve

You are being set up. There is a thread on this site (Pro site) have a read. Venus is jasper and she is on there wondering if you took emails when you were admin here. Just thought I would warn you

Here is the link


Anyway it's up to you if you want to go after them. But it smells of a pro trick. Jasper has been on that site since November and now shows up shouting off.

Will leave it with you.


P.S. Worth trying to infiltrate they have a forum that is away from public viewing all about 3a's and last time before the bannings came there were threads about Tony on there.

'no fear of Tony leaving us'

Bren to lilyofthevalley


Thanks for contacting me we are monitoring nicked, and don't fear I am in contact with Debbie Butler and I don't think there is any fear of Tony leaving us. In fact I think he wants to know exactly who nicked is.

Nicked does tend to let things slip when she gets irate, but don't worry we are going to rein in nicked a bit.


Would that be achieved by making sure she can't post on certain threads, by any chance?

File under 'Loon'

ShuBob wrote:
Hi Tony,

I have just received a reply from my Mp, ***** ******, from the House of Commons. Here's what he wrote:

Dear xxxxxx

I acknowledge receipt of your email dated 23 March and confirm that the Madeleine Foundation did forward to me a copy of What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann?

I am afraid that the whole incident of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has become a subject of speculation to which I can give no credence. So I am not prepared to do what you ask.

I am sorry to send what I know you will conside to be a disappointing reply. As you purchased the copy of Tony Bennett's booklet which was sent to me, I return it herewith.

Yours sincerely

and then.....

I went to my MP's surgery this morning.....

Sent: Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:11 pm
by ShuBob
And I'm not happy! ***** ****** wasn't at the surgery today but his secretary was and immediately she saw my correspondence with Mr ****** was about Maddie, she immediately proceded to dismiss me! I wasn't having none of it though and told her my rights as a constituent. She told me that she knew Mr ****** had thought carefully about his decision and he was not going to change his mind. I told her I took issue with the fact his reply referred to speculation when the official police files were now out. Again, to try and fob me off she said she didn't think he'd have access to the files and I told her they were widely available and that he should ask his researchers to find it. She still went on about him not changing his mind and I told her that he should at the very least read the official files and that if he came to the same decision then fine. I wasn't happy with being dismissed. She told me I should contact him directly as I obviould have a personal issue with the case at which point I asked her what she was doing there if not to stand in for him and listen to queries on his behalf. She had no reply. She eventually got up and left me in the room while she went to call the next person in. It was this final act of rudeness that made me see red. I walked behind her and told her I was going to report her for being rude and she said that's fine! I hope to email ***** later today. I wonder if you have any advice for me as I intend to report his secretary and again raise the inquest issue with him at the same time.


Don't mention libel FGS!!!

Dear Sev.

I am sorry but I have no alternative but to warn you about the comment you posted on the Open/Closed Forum.

You were basically saying that people were open to more serious libel actions. You a hold an important postion as a moderator and as I own the domain and have the responsibility for what happens to the domain and its legal situation, I think that is my duty to decide and do not want moderators/admins posting statements like that trying to influence the members. I have taken this action because I think the members have had enough libel/legal threats thrown at them on the DM and they shouldn't have to have them stated here.

If you had serious concerns you should have posted them in the moderators forum, which was designed specifically for this purpose, and not on the public forum. Or they could have been PM'd to me directly for me to discuss with Admin if necessary.

In future please could you use the moderators forum for your concerns and not place them on the public forum for them to view.


Fibbing again....

Re: Interesting

Thanks Kazlux if you can tell me whether it was the HTFM or the Pro Madeleine Boards I would be happy and I will say I received it anonymously in my e-mail account.


Laffin, chief consultant in attacking other sites?

Hi Laffin

I think we need to get Raptors site pulled. What do you think?

I'm not happy with with it and I sure you must be in orbit.

Take care

Val xx

Monday, July 6, 2009

PJ on the forum? Isn't that just a leetle bit dodgy?

FSoares (F*******)
"Thank you so much Mr. Benett.

Yes, I think probably the word 'plot' is the right one for tramar, looking at the examples you kindly provided.

As for my job in PJ, and since I work up here in the North - in Porto - I couldn't have access to any type of special information/knowledge about the case. Sometimes I had the feeling there was a curtain of silence around it, and it looked like nobody wanted to talk or comment the case. Once, in the Summer of 2007, I emailed that woman that we could all see on pics, dusting for prints on the shutters, but, what she replied back was completely bogus and it also looked like she wanted to avoid saying anything about the case. I then stopped. I also thought it could be due to the fact that emailing via the internal system could not be good, as the IT department could read everything, if they wanted.

Unfortunatelly, I felt obliged to send Stinky a PM about my workplace as I've explained before. Beachy wasn't a problem to me and neither is you, but Stinky 'scares' me a little. That's why I avoid posting too much nowadays as I don't trust him and have a bad vibe about him. He once implied he had a very good knowledge about Joana's case and also about the details of the alleged 'torture' commited by the officers who were brought from Lisbon, under Amaral's orders. It's fishy as he can't know nothing the rest of public knows, unless:

1) he works for local Public Prosecution - or from somewhere else and someone leaked something;

2) He's from Police and has a personal agenda against Goncalo Amaral. It doesn't look so to me, because otherwise he wouldn't be a Police basher, as he is;

3) I'm pretty convinced if he cold get my identity he would whistle about it to someone from the Prosecution. That's why I am always acting with precaution.

My name is F******a R*****. My English sucks, but if you need any kind of help for anything, please feel free to ask."

What WAS she doing on 3As then?

FSoares wrote:


It's not my opinion. I know where I work and I know some facts.

I don't want posted this on the forum, but I work for Ministry of Justice. And some things are impossible to back up on the forum.

More Portuguese infighting and distrust

Hi Beachy,

Before I answer you, I am here trying to read all the posts I can from StinkySardine. You may not believe me, but I have a feeling there's something wrong about him that I can't put my finger on.

Since the first moments he was posting, I always had a feeling he was a disguised "pro-McCann" who came to the forum, teaching lessons on the PT law system. To be frank, I have a feeling he is not a lawyer, or, if he is, he's someone linked to the Bar Association trying to f*ck up the Police in this case about Leonor Cipriano and the so-supposed torture.
I keep telling you, I knew there was something wrong about him. I am convinced he is a Magistrate, otherwise, as a lawyer he couldn't have told Pear on a relatively recent post, he knew 'too much' about the case.
To be frank, he can't know too much about the case, unless he worked on it.It's quite obvious he is not from the Police, but, I am starting to feel he either belongs to the lawyer team or he's a Magistrate.

I am here trying to get a clue, but something definatelly is wrong. I don't trust him. It's just a feeling but generally my feelings are in the majority of times, correct. Hope I'm wrong this time.


Fernanda (FSoares)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

No love lost between the Portuguese either!

FSoares to beachy:

It's no longer necessary. Thank you!!
Joana was an asshole to me, because she knew I was working on the subtitles - and in my back, she was doing it as well. She sent the link to the forum without telling me, I should stop working on it. I lost one day working on them.

It was an eye opener because I always felt there was something about Joana. Her normal arrogance and lack of manners always surprised me. She just wants protagonism. It's not the first time the Mods have to edit her posts, to remove the offensive remarks towards almost every one.

As a sequence of this sad saga, I would like to ask you one thing: do you know who Astro is? I know she has met with some posters of the forum. I also know - because she posted it a long time ago - she lives in Portimâo. However, I have reasons to believe the following:

1) She has two nicks and she's also Joana (and Joana has several nicks);
2) She is the wife of the person who conducted things.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long arm of the law or a wind-up?

Banshee to Potsy

Oh My GOD Potsy ! ! !

I wish you were the type of poster I could suspect of being at the wind-up and maybe playing a stupid joke .. but having read this board every day, and the Mirror before that, since last May .. I get a horrible feeling you are telling the truth ..

I am ABSOLUTELY FLABBERGASTED the law have been in your home ... oh my god I'm SO shocked .. if you have been arrested then that means anyone of us here, who has posted anything in the slightest derogatory towards the McScum, could end up in the same boat.

Please know I'm thinking about you .. if there's anything you need doing from the UK then just let me know .. this case has now stepped up a gear .. who the hell are these people ?

Take care Potsy .. hoping for the best outcome for you !

Djorn aka Duarte Levy aka Kyle tells xklamation to 'be responsible'

Subject:Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire a Journalist by Levy

[quote;xklamation]That is a brilliant piece of advertising as well Djorn - r u inspired?

Whats your fucking problem with me today?

Hi. I really dont understand what you are looking for. Everyone knows that I work for Levy in his Belgium office, thats not a secret. Be responsible! Your public comments on 3A about 'marketing ploys' are not a responsible behavior.


Djorn aka Kyle aka Mike aka Duarte Levy - even more lies

Im not Duarte. I work in his office in Brussels but Im not Duarte.
I never read the 'rogue' witness statements in 3As forum, but I know Duarte have a copy of the original ones. Do you want that I ask him to continue the publication?


Djorn aka Kyle aka Duarte Levy - more lies

Hi Vimes. Thank you for your answer that I will email to Levy in New York. I dont believe that he will take any action against the Sunday Express because he works like in the old faction way: he respects his colleagues even when they make mistakes. Even when the guy from The People was paid to write about him, he refused to ask for compensation on that. Anyway, I will give him your suggestion.
On the other hand he is probably too busy in US because he is making a special report with the FBI about Maddie case.
All the best.

Djorn aka Duarte Levy - Why didn't she listen to her inner voice?

To Djorn:

Well, I'm not looking for anything - as I said I merely stated that I was enjoying to watch the way you were 'promoting' Levy's blog and twitter - does that make me irresponsible? I don't think so! Plus I don't know who the you consider yourself to be to judge me.


Djorn aka Duarte Levy - this one wasn't suckered

Subject: SoSMaddie needs our help about Metodo 3!!!

quote=Hercule Poirot

Duarte Levy is presently investigating in UK. His personal computer has been stolen in a hotel and also a lot of articles have disappeared from the newspapers' websites. That's why Duarte Levy needs our help to finish his new article about Metodo 3.

Okay, my conspiracy light has just come on! Are there any details about this 'theft'?

Hello. I work on his staff in Belgium. They stolen his notebook, mobile phone and a few documents no money!! He had more then 2000 euros on his hotel room in London.

Djorn aka Duarte Levy - so many suckers (2)

djorn to darling123

Re: the Lost DVD

Thank's. I know that Levy don't care about those things but I work sometimes with him and I think that the guy deserves more respect from us.

Djorn, aka Duarte Levy - so many suckers (1)

Subject: 24horas - Duarte Levy - There were mistakes on both sides

quote=ratonthebeam Honestly, you lot are fkn unreal; we have ONE JOURNALIST who is prepared to publish what the entire UK press can't (or won't), and you spend all your time looking for ways to discredit him!

This board makes me blo*dy sick sometimes; you are like a bunch of spoiled kids, stamping your feet and throwing a tantrum when you don't get what you want right away.

Some observations -

He is correct about UK Corporate Law. Under the Small Companies regulations, they are exempt from publishing ALL of their accounts - in particular the Balance Sheet, which is where the REALLY interesting stuff is. They would have had to declare it all if they had Charitable status.

There are 4 immediate McCann family members on the Board - Kate, Gerry, John and Uncle Brian. If you add John Corner onto that, as a member of the extended family, that gives you five votes from nine - i.e. a majority control over the Fund. Where has THAT been reported in ANY of the UK Press?


It's no wonder he never posts on here nowadays, or Paulo Reis either, if that's how they are going to be treated.

Very nice from you. I will send a message to Levy and Paulo. Thank's.


What a waste of time that was ShuBob....

ShuBob to LittleGreyCell

Re: ex-mods forum

And I've got a law degree but even I can no longer comment on the matter without resorting to insults so I've decided to stay out! I exhausted myself in the past week defending the honour of Reis and Levy!

Cloned my arse - they knew alright

Subject: Duarte Levy's english blog disappeared

I am one of the mods on duty tonight. Thanks for your post clarifying the situation.

However I have a major concern. I notice that the ip from which you posted this message has been used this evening by another poster. That concerns me and I am sending this pm as I am worried that you have somehow been cloned.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marian Palooza!

In honour of the happy return of Marian to the embrace of the 3As, we are proud to present Marian Palooza!

With the easy charm of a coquette and the deft grace of a diplomat, this elegant --

Sorry, I was looking at the Palooza's we've scheduled for October... this one is about Marian.

Well, welcome back, you miserable old venom gargler. Your delusions of adequacy have been missed.

Marian outs herself: telltale and proud abuser

I am glad it is sorted, Marian. I really like your contributions to the forum so I knew that it must have been something quite offensive. The card DS posted is unquestionably offensive and actually I think it needs to be noted for the other mods who no doubt also missed it. It sounds outrageous, frankly, so thank you for letting me know.

I have to tell you that behaving myself is not easy and I know just what you are saying about that aspect of being a mod. My feeling was that my own posts are not as important as keeping this forum alive and a place to allow everyone to speak their minds without censor - unless they pull something like you reported last night!

I suppose being a mod might help me learn what most people my age have already got as a skill - a bit of self control. I'm not prone to that quality so it is good I have not had as much time lately to rant and rave on the forum as I am prone to do. I thought about contributing a post the other night and was going to go ahead and foam at the mouth... and then give myself a warning later.

Stay well,


quote=marian Hi Roisin

Thanks for your prompt reply, I sorted it out with DS in a later post.

DS posted a card which said something like"Support Padophilia - attend Catholic Mass Today"

There had been another similar post but that, I felt was beyond the pale, not just because I am a Catholic.

Love Marian. All is fine. Congratulations on being made a Mod but I wouldn't do it, you can't get to post abusive posts!


Yes, all good Christians can't be parting with their right to abusive posts. What's that thing... you know... judge not, lest... ah, sod it.

What a dump....

Marian to LALady

Darling Jackie

Its just goes to show you can't go on your hols, turn your back and all hell breaks loose!

Tony Q is clearly TB that's why I said I'm sure he'll be pleased you care for him, because he's so very very homophobic.

LGC and Librarising (married) emailed me and "informed" that while we'd been away, the nutty bonniebraes went on a banning bender, accusing posters of trying to bring down the forum, mainly janz, jilly come lately etc.

Its all nonsense truly. I hope you had a good time on your jollies, I have asked LGC and librarising if I can join up with them maybe, because there's really only Pam left on the 3A who I enjoy talking to.

Love Marianxxx. Write soon.

I, Joan of D'isembark

Bren to Traveller

EXPOSED: The driving force behind Christianity..

quote=marian As a Catholic and Christian, I am hurt and offended by this. Good thing me and OH are leaving if this is the standard accepted and permitted by mods / admin"

Well you might aswell ignore that PM I just sent because it is obvious by Marians post that you have made up your minds.

Yes, she's the epitome of virtue. Or perhaps turned the other cheek. Judging by the photographs she's got a number to choose from.

"Adventure with Stevo"?!?! Does Doris know?

LittleGreyCell to Marian

Hello Marian,

I assume you won't mind that Libby has told me about your 'adventure' with Stevo...just to say well done for engaging with the tw*t (oh, that damned text speak) and winning!!!


Ah, the vital New Zealand side of the investigation...

Hi Pakeha2007,

Please forgive this unsolicited pm.

I am trying to recruit yourself and Brit Abroad who lives in Dunedin I think to see if we can help the NZ side of the investigation.

Its not much but between us we should be able to discover SOMETHING.

I have found a Doctor (GP) in Invercargill, aged 38, Glasgow trained. I am off for an appointment with him on Friday pm (with the flu), and to hopefully impress him with my (rather less broad now) Glaswegian accent. Please wish me luck.

Do you live anywhere near Napier / or even Wellington?

Love to you and isn't this a great place.


if it was a combination stalking/fool's errand at least the good doctor didn't have to do her PAP. Talk about the Seventh Circle of Hell.

(old) Birds of a feather

Count me in dear marian!

I'll go and have a look at the cabo thread, I haven't seen it.

Warmest regards, Jilly

Like two corpses, snuggling. ALERT!

How many respected members had respected mods asking if you were satisfied with their decisions?

The charm free Marian goes after the charmless Drachen Sachen... Roisin then makes sure that charmless Marian is acceptably pleased. Because all members are equal, just some are more equal than others.

Hi Marian,

I just logged into the 3A's and noticed that you had reported a post by DrachenSachen. Was his/her removal of the offensive picture (which I didn't see, sorry) a satisfactory resolution. I noticed that Drachen also apologized but am a bit at a loss to know how bad the image was as it is now *gone*. The report remains open - as a new mod I'm really not sure what I'm doing quite yet and am going to check with one of the others to know whether DS is now warned over the offensive post, or exactly how this is handled.

Mainly, I just want to know at the moment if you are OK with the way the thread stands until someone walks me through the steps to take care of your report.

All the oldtimers (mods) are sleeping apparently (how dare they??) but I'm West Coast USA so it is not QUITE bedtime here yet.

Anyway, back to the topic - are you satisfied with DS's response to your complaint about the offensive post?

Let me know, please,