Thursday, June 18, 2009

Masquerade! Seething shadows breathing lies . . . Masquerade! You can fool any friend who ever knew you! - The Phantom of the Opera

Chimaera: SallyGardens is Kay Scarpetta
Chimaera: Granofeleven is Kay Scarpetta
Chimaera: fft is Kay Scarpetta
Blondie2: Earthspirit is Norah and Harmony and FFT and Kay Scarpetta
Logicman: FarFrom is Gerry McCann
Bren: FarFrom is ‘a close family relation from Gerrys (sic) side’
Potsy: Earthspirit is FFT
Blondie2: Earthspirit is a member of Team McCann
Earthspirit: "many of the vile people on this site are team mccann"
Blondie2: Tylersmum is a member of Team McCann
Blonide2: Tylersmum is a team of people
Chrissie: Sentinel is a member of Team McCann
Chrissie: Tripz is a member of Team McCann
Christie: Laffin is a member of Team McCann
Beachy: Gestalt is a member of Team McCann
Foxylady: Caralina, Stinky Sardine and Albym are Team McCann
JillyComeLately: Caralina is a member of Team McCann
LillyoftheValley: nicked is a member of Team McCann
JillyComeLately: nicked is a member of Team McCann
JillyComeLately: " Team McCann had, at the last count 135 chimps/astroturfers/sock puppets on their payroll"
Donna: Emma2 is a member of Team McCann
Sally66: DeBunker is a member of Team McCann
Beachy: DeBunker is justlurking and a member of Team McCann
Potsy: newbie is DeBunker
Coldwater: DeBunker is twiglet1963, RRR, and HarveyHumphries
K4REN171: DeBunker is BJR, Nbrado, Princess Sukita, MoeSzyslak, Nicholass, TIREDOFTHEBS, FarFromThe, Scylla, Justin, Elizabeth, Shoperoo, and Poppyflowers (who also uses the fourm to flood with posts from other sources Plath, Beach, Cookie, Betwise, Tiny, Mairyhinge, Muratslawyer, Muratsglasses, Lindz07, DRACHENSACHEN/Rhodes, and P20)
LaffinAssassin: DeBunker is SlyFox
Blackwater: DeBunker is Nbrado
ScotBot: Nbrado is DeBunker in disguise
Vexiana: Rhodes is DeBunker
ShuBob: "To be honest, I can't keep up with these debunker people"
jkh: "who is DeBunker?"
Wiseman: DominicanDave is sammysnake and AliceM
Marian: Tony_Q is Tony Bennett
Marian: Hippychick is CrystalTips and MazMod
Lizzy: ChinaGirl is Kate
Blacksmith: Gestalt is Mumbles
Miffed: Rumpleteaser is Verbatim
Miffed: Positron is Verbatim
Dinsdale Piranha: Verbatim is Wag
UncleMonty: Lovemedo is Verbatim
RRR: Verbatim is positron and snoop and rocket
Miffed: JREWING is Helmetheid
R_MuratsGlasses: Blondie is Nbrado
Blondie2: Nbrado is Grimly
Arguida: Nbrado is DixonCox
Arguida: Nbrado is "a bunch of other people"
RRR: Sir R is Prof Moriarty is SirR
Whatever: SallyGardens is Gardenia
Coldwater: Blossom is Terrybull
Hellothere is TheGoverner and maybe CheeseMaster
Vancouver1: Gestalt is Gerry or one of the T9
SnivellingMole: DairyMilk is Tyra
Rammy: JillyComeLately is Go Get ‘Em Goncalo
LilyoftheValley: Fox is one of the T7 (where’d the other two go? Woof)
Joline: Fox is Rosie
Oldcrone: Truth M’Lud is NurseProstlink
LaffinAssassin: Splodgeboy is Truth M’Lud
Blacksmith: Logicman is Coldwater
Blondie2: Sentinel says Coldwater is PsychicSarah
Rammy: Sentinel is Retribution
Chrissie: Sentinel is Gerry
Sentinel: "they are delusional fools, some of whom believe that i am gerry mccann or Clarence"

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