Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guardian of the site where "there is NO threat to its demise or the serious discussions take place in a hostile atmosphere"?

Just like Chez Beo, where "Member Privacy and Security is Our Top Priority"

quote=roshea Got two PMs in my inbox, thought you should have a look at. Is this right?, Is this forum compromised????"

Been out all day and got back to reading dozens of questions about this.

Looks like more shenanigans from nbrado or his cronies. I fail to see what is compromised. You don't exactly need to sign the official secrets act to join up and as we debate things in public I'm still bemused what all the fuss is about.

Ok, some people maybe share their granny's secret recipe for puddings with each other! So what?

I'd love to know what is or can be compromised...


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