Friday, June 19, 2009

But the pros don't need to discredit Levy - he does it himself

Bren to pjreis


Good afternoon I know you are in contact with Duarte Levy, but I read earlier that you said that he may sign up to the forum. I am a bit concerned that the pros might see this and see it as an opportunity to create a false account and play their underhanded tactics.

Please could you contact Mr Levy could you ask him if he does sign up to e-mail me at (redacted) from his sosmaddie e-mail address just to confirm that he has infact registered.

Hope you don't mind me asking you this but I don't want anything nasty being done by the pros to try and discredit Mr Levy after what the stinking British Press wrote about him.

Also I know you are a busy person but was wondering if you had consider being a mod for the forum. We value your contribution to the forum and would like to offer you a mod position. I understand if you can't commit the time but I do hope you take our offer of a mod position and if you do would like to welcome you to the team.

I have also sent Djorn a PM with my concerns about the pros possibly cloning Duarte. (Woof woof - Eddie finds that funny!!)

Thanks and have a nice Sunday


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