Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bugalugs... thug and the Legend of PoppyFlowers

Hi Shiv,

Yes AMiller and co are the mainstay of that blog. I just cannot be doing with*****, ******, **** (zzzz) and ***** (******??)

Baronstu launched into a full on threat to me and two others last week because we didn't agree his thread was appropriate. He originally called it 'OLD MA HEALEY-AGAIN' and it was about her comment in the Liverpool Echo about how the forums are full of cretins. Basically he called her and her elderly sick husband for everything, really sick vile comments - the type Bernice used to accuse me off, and I couldn't see the point in attacking two old people who can't help being the parents of Kate McCann. The mods renamed the thread to something like Healeys/Echo comment. Baronstu was furious and threatened to 'find' us and 'get' us. Pathetic, I know, but a bit scary at the time. The thread is still there somewhere. After that his mate Bugalugs1970 started to PM me to abuse me further and I just couldn't take it anymore.

I know there are always going to be extremes on both sides, but at a time where we all know that Clarence is having the forums monitored, why give him what he wants? Why make it easy for him? As it happens, I think Mrs Healey was proven right on the day; the forums ARE full of cretins, Baronstu being one of them.

I honestly believe there are plants on here just to rabble rouse and generate hatred. The McCanns can then call us what they like and then endeavour to have the forum shut down.

The worst bit was when I put it into words on a thread of my own - basically warning everyone what will happen if we allow bullying and threatening behaviour to continue. I got over 40 replies in less than 20 minutes -all saying the same thing that Baronstu should have been banned. Next thing he appears again and launches another attack and more threats on other people! then out of nowhere came Nbrado and banned him!

****** ** who posts as 'kissmyass' (very apt) made an appearance to gloat about me being bullied - which was nice.........

Then one of BJR's oppo's PM'd me to tell me the thread was being deleted as it was causing unrest and accused me of doing an 'announce & flounce'. I was furious, literally sick with anger.

You've seen my posts on here and on SKY - I am fairly measured in my approach and not prone to hissy fits.

It was all very horrible and so I have decided to lay low. There are a lot of people on here angry that Baronstu is still a member - which goes right against the rules of the forum

I'm only hanging around to pick up my pms' and read Coldwater.

TAke Care


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