Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Tortured Presence of Cushty

Cushty to nicked

Bren is trying to mend fences

so I have told her a few home truths about the mods actions

she tells me someone is trying to destroy the 3As, and I think the culprits may be nearer home than she thinks

Cushty to Miffed

I wonder if it's true that Laffin has been made a mod

I'm afraid it might be

I had a pm from Bonny as did a fair number of other posters, I think - I don't think it can be a hoax, as it had an apology attached which could only have come from Bren or Bonny (or anyone else who had read pms I suppose - yips!!)

I suppose the 3As has to end one day - perhaps better with a massive explosion


Cushty writes:

I don't intend to be anonymous - I shall announce myself on arrival (still waiting to be authorized) but cushty won't be on the member list

re Bren, I think personally she is paranoid, convinced there are fifth columnists everywhere, and if she decides it might be you, it's the cold shoulder and the watchful eye

Custy to SorleyMcLean

I seem to remember that arch fantasist thentherewere4 had theories centred on ******, among many others - quite enough to make me rush to defend him

actually I have no idea if Stevo is on to something, though I very much doubt it - but I will not be hectored by someone in that arrogant way - he has a blog to act the master mind on, but on this forum we are all equal

I'm counting on getting banned

not much sign of Bren or the mods though, is there?

are they all off composing a new 'goodbye cruel posters' speech? there's loads around to camp from!

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