Monday, June 15, 2009

Just some confirmation

The messages you see here are authentic.
It seems that certain parties want you to believe otherwise.
We won't comment on other blog's veracity but what you see here is the real deal.
Also, the official reason that was given about the server being compromised by an update is nonsense.
The server was left open for weeks.
We can see no way that this was an accidental occurrence.



  1. More than happy to confirm that they are genuine, Eddie.
    msmarbles and I can vouch for the matters the more recent ones refer to; the vast legion of ex-mods know the older ones are real, too.

  2. Well I recognised mine! Yes - they are accurate. I wasn't happy to have them splurged across cyber world but so be it. It's done now.

  3. who left it open?

    Nobrains said he had left a back door into it didn't he? This all occured around the time the muppets were all talking to General Error didn't it?