Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sent: 09 Apr 2009 01:55 am
by Bren
No Tripz I have not been lent on, just thinking out allowed and learning off of Clarence.

Yes I do think nicked could be related, but the worst thing that could happen is if she is not.

The best way of outing them as I say is find the contradicting posts and go that way. That is why I am saying be careful tripz, because of our past troubles. I suppose I am being over cautious in a way, just don't want to rock the boat just as things are settling down.

If you want my personal opinion, I think there may be others. I know what they are saying on other forums and they are just waiting for us to slip up and pounce and the all the disruptor's will pounce again.

It is not a that I am being lent on it is just before putting a real name to a person you have to be 110% sure you have the right person. And yes I do think you are on the right lines tripz and I do think she has been feeding misinformation, but sometimes you gain more information by going softly softly then full steam ahead, the last thing we need is someone playing the blo*dy sympathy card and dividing and conquering the forum.

Remember that some on here still hold a high regard for that poster.

Yes I want to out them just like you and everyone else but I don't want harsh actions ruining this forum, that is all I am saying. We waited and waited and eventually we proved Raptor (Majic/Chaos Engine) as trouble. We went through his posts and his mothers statement and found the inconsistencies. It takes time tripz but when you have enough to lay on the table and more that is the time to strike.


Hi Tripz, thanks for taking my advice, once you can show me or the mods you have the right person, Wewill gladly let you out them. As for Tony I think he has been on and posted, but I bet he is shattered.

We are not saying don't out them, what we are just saying is give us the proof and we will give the go-ahead and we will help all we can, we can't give members IP or personal information but we can help in tracking down inconsistencies.

I think there are quite a few now with their noses pushed up against the window looking in and knowing they can't get up to their old tricks. :)) :)) :))

Shame :)) :))

Night Tripz


  1. You are such a liar Bren. Of course you have given out IP's and personnel information on members.

  2. Brenda, The 3A' is fondly known as the Titanic now....and you're at the helm. Glug Glug Glug

  3. Are Team McCann up to their naughty tricks again? LOL

  4. Tripz really is a total nutcase.

  5. I think there is more than one nut case in 3A.

    Somewhere along the line some of them have lost their way big time!

  6. all of them who post on that site are a bunch of freakin' wierdos. Half of them must be paedos.