Friday, June 5, 2009

Yeah right!!!

Here the ever noble bastion of children's rights laughs at other's attempts to discredit her.
But owing to Beowulf's generosity nobody has to even try anymore. You are doing a great job yourself, Bren.

I know Vex, what annoys me most, they can try and discredit me as much as they like. But what they are really doing is taking a voice away, a voice that is trying to speak and ask questions and demand answers for Maddy. She can't ask or answer the questions and it is so sad that somebody is trying to stop these questions being asked. I am just waiting now to find out how many spanking, sex sites or swingers club they are going to sign me up to like they do Nbrado.

Good job I can just sit back here and laugh at their mentality.

Maybe someone else in your modbox could help you out with those sites?


  1. Keep them coming Eddie!

  2. No Bren dear. You mau be slightly deluded! As captain of the 3A titanic you are yourself the laughing stock of the cyberworld.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. After Viewing Your Picture Eddie, I believe we can now agree with Stevo.....dogs don't lie:)