Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stalking Nicked, paranoia and a warped sense of justice

Subject: The Way Ahead for Justice - Proposal.

Tripz, what have you actually got that proves this person is who you think? I know the photobucket account name and I know who you are referring to but I need a lot more than a photobucket name and location.

I know it is a tough call, personally I would like nothing better than to out all those that are here for the wrong reasons. Make it easy on yourselves and chip away slowly, don't go full guns blazing. Eventually they will out themselves.

As the saying goes Tripz there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Now if I was going to out someone, I would find all the info on the person who I thought they were linked to and go from there. We have good investigators here, and remember we do have a thread about another tapas member. Chip away at that, if this person is connected, they will not be able to sit back and see it happen. Then start to ask the questions why are so concerned about this tapas member? But the moment you start trying to name them in real life, trust me, you lose a lot of support. It might take time tripz, but google and our excellent researchers will do it.


Re: The Way Ahead for Justice - Proposal.

Sent: 09 Apr 2009 01:39 am
by Tripz
Bren. Are you not astonished at the silence of old 'nicked'. Can you hear protestation and rebuttals against the claim made? NO! ..Look its your site if you feel cosier with your enemies breathing their poison over your site that is your prerogative...I think nicked was outed months/year ago..why don't you believe she is who I and others know is really?..I don't follow blindly Bren..come on you see the literature I post the stuff i post isn't for ignoramus's or sheople to just pick it up and except..I source nearly all my posts..That Bren is confidence in what I post is mme being intellectually honest..No one likes being made a mug of..and after your recent personal troubles with other posters/ of all people should hear what I say with at least a listening ear and not condemn it has half truths etc....

Bren is every thing OK ? Have you been lent on my TM assoc? We are all here [vast majority] searching and looking for that nugget of truth that will lead to justice finally being dealt to those who perpetrated this heinous crime...cos that is what it is...isn't it?


  1. Welcome Back Eddie

  2. Tripz advising Bren Lol!

    They must be joking.

    Tripz and Laffin investigators for Bren?