Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Despite her clumsiness and sometimes hasty or stupid decisions. "

Miffed to Bohhee:

Just to give you a bit of insight re. mod fallout. Perrito thought the other mods were ganging up against her then some mod war broke in mod mansion and bjr had to take a decision. Her decision did not agree to well the some mods and they left en masse (Janz1956, 1st1976, bigmummy, librarising, sina, ismellarat, and don't know who else.) It seems bjr did some digging around and now thinks Janz1956 had something to do with the split up between herself and Nbrado. I do believe bjr over reacted to Nbrado allowing DeBunker back and she took the wrong decision when the mods (Janz1956 being one of them) that threatened to walk out if DeBunker was allowed back on.

Perrito asked for her account to be deleted -- completely. A week or so later she returned and her mod status - with zero post count - was reinstated.

If I were you I wouldn't worry about any of the forum politics. We are here to find out about Madeleine McCann and we can so easily be diverted with forum politics. I do see that bjr is trying her level best to keep this forum going and whilst she tries her best I feel she needs out support. Despite her clumsiness and sometimes hasty or stupid decisions.


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