Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two girls, chatting over tea

Hi there J***!

I just wonder what TonyQ's agenda is, works for McCann, McCann family member or just a grumpy old man. ((Perhaps she meant rumpy. Eddie.)) Oh, well, time will tell.

I did notice Tripz hadn't posted much. But maybe that shipment from Colombia just came in.

I posted on Gran's thread. She has been gone for a few days and like I said to Dorth, she around and notices we don't post there. So I am trying to give her an occasional shout out. Being nice. Although, in the beginning when she first started posting, her dialect was completely different. When she opend the big gran inspiration thread it was "yer" and such.
To each his own.

((rest redacted. Boring as white paint.))


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  1. It really is a bitch nest... woof! Grrrrr!