Thursday, June 11, 2009

"I don't want to offend the other Portuguese posters"

Blacksmith to Widowan (a very chatty pair):

Hi. I'm replying by PM about A***** because I've suddenly decided not to be rude about him as I might need to go and get an interview with him! Let's hope I haven't been too caustic already.

Yes, you're quite right -- there is an unnerving passivity about him. I noticed it regard to the supposed betrayal by the UK police in not sending replies and similar matters. You know I don't want to offend the other Portuguese posters either but it looks like the investigation really was much, much, worse than I expected. I've been involved in quite a number of police investigations in the UK and I've seen awful blunders at first hand but this was a bit of a f***-up.



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