Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bonniebraes slams pervy magali to Margaret

because last time, magali (who makes no bones about being respect, so I am breaking no confidences) dragged the thread off into the direction of the ice-cream showing that Madeliene was experienced in oral sex, and that her Dr Who sonic screwdriver toy was actually a vibrator. A pair of hooped earring she was pictured holding were actually penis rings.
Amongst other gems - all quite foul.
Hence my repeated warnings to her.

And what has the 3As done since that?

Reinstated magali as the Three Maddies.

Little wonder the mods left.


  1. oh my god how sick.

    and they have let a perv like that back on the site?


  2. Yup.

    ThreeMaddies is Magali.

    But Magali doesn't care because it's Bren who picks up the tab.

    None of them care what really happens to Brenda. They will be long gone or pleading clemency when it all comes out.

  3. Pleading clemency?

    Mental defect more like.

    I have a nose for these things.