Thursday, June 11, 2009

That was sound advice, Bren. Isn't it awful when people post crap about your family? Bet the Paynes feel just the same

Subject: Who wrote this and WHY ? 01 May 2008 13:59:31 (merged)

quote=properdad: "Bren,

Maybe you need to register a complaint with the Police.

It will have to be investigated and I think the personal attacks on you are not acceptable.

Mike Hitchen had this nonsense and he seems to have resolved it through legal recourse."


I have reported this time and time again, I gave the police 2 whole reams of paper, full of screen shots, nasty emails from Nbrado, stuff for the database and I have reported this harassment and nothing. One copper even told me to switch off the PC.

Nothing gets done as soon as I mention we discuss the Madeleine McCann case. As for libel, I have spoken to a solicitor he said as these people are posting anonymously it is hard to send solicitors letters, also the names and addresses you have, well they will just ignore them and carry on, libel court cases for the ordinary UK family is an action that they can't afford to take, because of the costs.

At times it seems like you are banging your head against a wall, I can deal with the abuse most of the time but people that post up not knowing what abuse we go through just make my blood boil.

Take care.



  1. Yes Brenda I Know What You Mean!!!!!

  2. LiarBren!

    The reason you could not take action against Nbrado is because you had stolen ID's and messed around with pmembers accounts ''to make Nbrado look worse'' .Your words in an email to Truth!!

  3. Abuse you are going through?

    You hae presided over a forum that has accused people of lending out their daughter to paedophiles. It's YOUR forum, Brenda. You are liable for its content.

    I can guarantee you when the proverbial hits the fan that you will be on your own.

    There will be no threads from your "truth-seekers" egging you on.

    Stop and consider who your friends are.

    They are not on that forum.

  4. Yes, Mike Hitchen most certainly DID have success through legal action.