Thursday, June 11, 2009

'He is despicable and a traitor'

Hi bjr

My duty to tell you and it brings me no pleasure,Hawkeyes1 is a mole.


And sobbing with pain and bitterness, yet more...

Hi bjr,

No one told me,his work is excellent and without doubt beyond comparison,I am in total agreement with you,it is what has happened to me on more than one occaisson now and the relationship I have had with him.

It started amicably enough but almost from the off he has sought to undermine me in a subtle way..each time I have challenged him he has denied it and has told me how much he respects my post when in fact he is doing quite the opposite.... he's done it twice and it's very insidious.

It's my judgement call and I've never said this about any other fellow poster before but he is not trustworthy and I feel you should know.

I don't want anything further to do with him,he is despicable and a traitor,I am sorry I can tolerate Senti and his sniping better than this ...this is my reason for being here and I can smell their very presence they turn my stomach.

Hope I haven't spoken out of turn I don't mean to shock or upset but I felt that you really ought to know.
I won't say anything there is only one person I have mentioned this to and she won't say anything,but be on your mettle ,


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