Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trust no one. Get into bed with them anyway.

Chim fears MIBren:

Do you honestly think that our PMs are not being monitored? If I were to give you the link in this, then I would be banned. However, my email address is readily visible in my profile. You show me yours and I'll show you mine, so to speak. Let me have an email addie and I'll post you details tonight. I hate censorship.

Yet conspires with MIBren

Check if any disruptors - especially *** and ***** - were posting from near Liverpool. Also, Mr chim has set my connection up so that the IP changes every so often and my location. I don't understand these things to know how he does it, but you may, or Beowulf may know. Anyway, back to catching up.

Does a mean MI herself:

I was just in the process of typing a PM to you! How are you?

** - blinking menace! Now do I go in softly, or aim straight for the jugular. You do, of course, know who it is? Forgotten the name she used, but she is the one who was using us all as an experiment. I wish I had kept the emails - I outed her once. She is also the partner or wife of the chap I used to have all the discussions with about DNA.

Wish my memory was a bit better. Sure sign that retirement was a good thing. Having said that, I seem to spend an inordinate length of time at university in an advisory capacity; they need us old uns to add a bit of clout!


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