Sunday, June 7, 2009

Is there a PCC code for cyber stalking?

Snivelling Mole writes:

bum. just had a look myself and they all have private pages. i hate it when people have private pages lol.

and if thats the ch*** ****** i think it is then my god dont she look like her dad!!

whats needed is someone to request one of them as a friend. maybe under a new identity on facebook. or on an id that contains no groups about the mccanns. if its a long standing member with no mccann groups then you can use the old 'facebook said i probably knew you' chestnut.

im a bit scared to put this on the forum now. any way we can this message around?


if i get a chance tomorrow i may go icognito. i dont know how easy it is to create another facebook acct byt know more than one can be created at the same IP address just need a throwaway email account and a 'popular name' like sarah smith.

is cat on friends reunited do you know, or any of them? if we can find one there and pull a name from class year list then we have something to go on.

bt is it illegal?


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